It's wonderful to meet people that have an extremely unique niche in the performance world. I don't think there has been, or ever will be, an artist akin to the likes of Baba Brinkman. He is a talented rapper, writer and performer - and his work is based on the biology behind evolution. He covers topics like natural selection, sexual selection and evolutionary psychology in a manner that is part rap concert, part biology class and part stand up comedy. It's the kind of combination you'd expect to see at fringe festivals (and indeed, his work has been highlighted at many) and small town, back alley venues; however, Brinkman has managed to bring his unique acts to the mainstream. He has performed his shows to many off-Broadway audiences in New York City, he will be performing at this year's 'World Science Festival', and he has just scored another run at the The Players Theatre from May 31 - June 23.

In his next run, aptly titled 'Evolutionary Tales: A Hip Hop Theatre Cycle', Brinkman will be playing a combination of his three previous works. These are: Ingenious Nature, The Rap Guide to Evolution, and The Canterbury Tales Remixed, all performed with live turntablism and original music by UK Millennium Award winning DJ/Producer Jamie Simmonds.

I applaud Baba Brinkman for his success in a field that is utterly unique and unexpected. Cannot wait until he tours to the West Coast!