I just ran across a promotional video for homegenizers, mixers, and emulsifiers for the laboratory from a company called IKA, which sells products around the world.

Trust me, you want to see this! It's unique in the world of science because it employs visual elements that are quite typical in the rest of the advertising world. This video pulls the viewer in with a imaginative scenario and some impressive cinematography, and attractive models, albeit with cleavage showing and lab coats blowing open, which does not represent the professional view women in science try to project, This leaves me scratching my head (and others enraged) at the sexist tone of the opening sequence. They have an award winning marketing/PR/advertising team, as their advertisements and promotions have garnered recognition , but so did the team who did the PR debacle "Science, It's a Girl Thing".

It's certainly eye-catching, but what I want to know is, do any of the models in their promotional materials (videos and stills) work in a science field? Probably not, because most women who want to be considered professional would not put themselves in such situations.

They have a video channel which I thought would link to more cinematics, but it is their HR site where they interview eight employees, seven men and one woman, which is probably an actual ratio of men to women in the company despite what their promotional images project.

What do you think? Is using advertising techniques reserved for other consumer products an effective way to promote science? It's something to think about. Can science advertising have the zing and appeal of modern advertising without sexism?