I ran across this hyperlapse video of Singapore the other day:

It got me thinking of a few other cities given the hyperlapse treatment, like Dubai:

So I wondered, "What exactly is hyperlapse and how is it done?" I found a brief description at Know Your Meme website:

"Hyperlapse Photography is a filmmaking technique that entails recording video while revolving the camera around a fixed point and then speeding up the footage in post-production. The process incorporates several other well-known photography techniques, mainly time lapse and stop motion photography, as well as tilt-shift and slow motion effects for enhanced results."

Here is a nifty tutorial from Griffin at Indy Mogul. I especially liked that he filmed his first hyperlapse at Champaign-Urbana's own Roger Ebert's Film Festival.

As the video explains, you can also create a hyperlapse from Google Street View images using an online program created by T & L Labs.

Hyperlapse from scratch looks like it requires a lot of patience, a lot of practice and a few bits of know-how in the editing department.

Enjoy Chicago:

And London:

Also, New York: