Last night I was at a SuperBowl party and enjoyed many (maybe too many) delicious foods, including Insalata Caprese. This mozzarella, tomato, basil, salt, and olive oil concoction is a traditional summertime treat. What would happen if it was levitated? Would it taste as incredible? I don't know, but it certainly would be fun to see!

Acoustic levitation is a fascinating phenomenon and has practical uses, including potential to assist in drug development. You may recall the video from my post last year.

Let's take a look at the acoustically levitating Caprese Salad from 18 year old Kris Bonner, who visited Materials Development Inc. in Evanston, IL to make this video after being inspired by the original video!

You will also want to check out Kris' website to see what other cool projects he has been up to!

Looks perfect for a diet, if you ask me!

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