In the past few months I’ve noticed a real surge in the number of science-based television shows. From the launch of science series and documentaries on major networks to casting notices for bona fide scientists (not actors who think they can talk science) to host or be featured guests on several projects in development. It is very encouraging to see science being embraced in so many new formats and by so many different networks.

The latest in a series of castings I’ve seen this fall is a new competition-style game show that claims to define a new generation of nerdiness. 'KING OF THE NERDS' will aim to showcase the scientific passions and knowledge of contestants (men AND women, ages 21-30) as they compete for cash prizes. The show comes from the producers of some massively successful game-show formats like Mythbusters and Amazing Race, and frankly, it sounds cool. It’s about time that all of us super-fly nerdy people bring down the typical stereotypes of what it means to be an intellectual. In fact, it sounded a little too good to be true – so I contacted casting director Lindsay Spaulding for a little more information. In Lindsay’s own words:

“We are incredibly excited to be doing a show that is highlighting nerds, rather than exploiting them. King of the Nerds is an opportunity for self proclaimed nerds to put their intellect and resume out there in front of millions. Our culture is transforming to realize that nerds are taking over the world (in a major way), and we want to help prove it.”

The show is looking for mathematicians, biologists, chemists, physicists, programmers, inventors, puzzle-masters, engineers, gamers, comic book fanatics, movie buffs, trekkies, techies, mensa members, chess masters and any other kind of intellectual-based geeks for contestants. If you are a contender you’ll be asked to submit an audition video, and from there if you are selected you’ll be flown to LA to participate in the game (the search is nationwide).

Now I know that there are a LOT of super-cool nerds out there, and this seems like an interesting opportunity to bring more science and scientists to the forefront of ‘what’s cool’ on TV (not to mention that you could actually win a little cash in the process). So submit your stuff, and then tell me all about your experience on the show! To apply send your name, photo, contact info and brief bio to ‘’.