Maybe it's the weather. Or the Pope. Or the irrefutable scientific data. Or perhaps a combination of all three.

The latest UT Energy Poll released this morning reveals that U.S. attitudes on climate change have shifted significantly - and not just in the ways you might expect. Seventy-six percent of Americans now say that climate change is occurring--an increase from 68 percent just one year ago. Further, only 14 percent say it's not, compared with 22% when we first asked the question in the Spring of 2012.

The increase in acceptance climate change is not merely reflective of shifting attitudes on the left, which only rose a few points to 90 percent over the last six months. Republicans who say that climate change is occurring jumped from 47 percent in March to 59 percent this September.

The 76 percent who said 'climate change is occurring' were also asked what factors they think contribute to it (responses were not mutually exclusive):

* Among the 76 percent of Americans who think that climate change is occurring.

I'll have a lot more on the UT Energy Poll coming soon (and for those interested, methodology can be found here). In the mean time, I'm curious to hear what readers think accounts for the shift in attitudes we're observing?