..the United States. Have you heard?

Computer scientist and data whiz Randy Olson dove into the UT Energy Poll data and noticed that the American public is pretty confused about where we get out energy. I can't say I'm surprised, but Randy highlights the need for raising energy literacy across the U.S.

He points out that while these are the top 10 foreign countries that supply oil to the U.S. (based on the latest EIA data):

The general public seems to think things look more like this:

In other words, 3 out of 4 Americans think that the U.S. imports the majority of its oil from somewhere in the Middle East - which probably has something to do with decades of war in that region. Still, as Randy points out, oil from the Middle East comprises only a quarter of U.S. oil imports.

And perhaps, most surprising: 60% of the oil that Americans use is produced in the U.S.

Go read Randy's terrific blog for more detail and keep in mind that the U.S is now the world's largest oil producer. Really.