The latest UT Energy Poll reports 91 percent of millennials (respondents 18-34) say climate change is occurring, compared with 74 percent of those age 65 or older:

Source: UT Energy Poll

Further, more Americans than ever (79%) now acknowledge climate change is taking place, including the majority of both Republicans and Democrats.

Source: UT Energy Poll

In fact, the percentage of Republicans that think climate change is occurring has increased by 17 points since the question was first asked in the Spring of 2012.

And generational differences go far beyond climate:

Source: UT Energy Poll

Does it matter in the 2016 presidential election? Maybe so.

Sixty-three percent of millennials say energy issues will influence who they choose to vote for in the presidential election, while just 34% of seniors agree. So if the youngest voters go to the polls in two weeks, their choices can influence who sits in the Oval Office for the next four to eight years.

The details and results of the Fall 2016 UT Energy Poll.