A quick check-in from the road. Occasionally I see ads in different countries that give perspective on how that country views energy and I try to snag pictures if I can. These two ads offer a juxtaposition of resources and current energy issues.

Here's a wall display in Keflavík airport (about 50 km southwest of the capital Reykjavík): "who needs coal when you have fire?"

I have learned that Icelanders are proud of their country and geothermal energy is something they are indeed proud of, making the cold land more hospitable, but also enabling a tourism industry with the likes of hot springs like the Blue Lagoon (which is actually supplied by the produce water from a nearby geothermal plant).

For an island nation like Iceland, it is fortunate to have abundant natural resources.

Next up is an ad at a bus stop in downtown Washington, DC: "America and Canada: friends, neighbors, allies". The subtext gets right into it: "America's choice: import oil from Canada [...] or choose less stable offshore sources with weaker environmental standards".

You can make a compelling argument for or against importing Canadian fossil fuels, and this ad hopes to sway you (or the regulator) on the commute to work.