On April 22nd, many in the science community and our allies will gather in Washington, DC and all around the world to participate in the March for Science, making the case that science matters in and out of politics. I'll be there and my ngo, ScienceDebate, is the fiscal sponsor for the march. I also know that marching isn't for everyone and one day of solidarity won't be enough to keep scientific integrity in the policymaking process. I've already offered some ideas for after we march, but there's so much more we can do.

A sharp group of Duke students recently launched Get Out The Science or #GOTScience for the week of April 24-31 following the March:

We encourage all #ActualLivingScientists to go public with their passion for science. We need to inspire and educate the public about the value and wonder of science. We invite anyone curious about scientific issues, scientific approaches or how science gets done to ask us anything and invite us anywhere to have conversations. "Share your passion, feed your curiosity."

Get Out The Science believes that the March for Science should be the start of a period for scientists to get out and share their passion, expertise and research with others and I cannot agree more! It's not just about giving more public lectures, but also listening to questions and providing answers. They aim to encourage scientists to use the momentum from the March to interact more in our communities and their website provides a handful of creative ideas to get started.
I hope to see the ranks of such science ambassadors grow to foster greater appreciation of science along with an understanding of how it's inherently related to our health, the economy, geopolitical stability, climate change, job creation, our kids' future and so much more.
With ongoing assaults on scientific integrity, efforts like these are needed now more than ever. So #GOTScience!  Share what you do and tell friends, students and audiences of any size why it's important - not just the week after the March for Science, but whenever the opportunity arises - particularly over the next four years.