The Decade of the Brain stretched from 1990 to 1999.

But, in reality, it never ended.

The continuing celebration of all things brain extends, once more, with the unveiling of a mammoth Web site devoted to neuroscience.—funded with $1.53 million project over six years by the Gatsby and Kavli Foundations—amasses basic information from leading organizations, ranging from the National Institutes of Health to the International Brain Research Organization in France, chronicling both how the brain works as well as major brain diseases. The information is intended for parents, educators, students and policymakers. The Society for Neuroscience is the third partner in the collaboration.

When a new discovery emerges, the site, vetted by scientists, will deploy background information about the new findings, in addition to links to media reports. The site, however, is not a news aggregator. has plans to expand its content. In September, neuroscientists will start blogs, which will enable interaction with readers.