ScienceOnline Seattle is a monthly discussion series exploring how digital communication is transforming scientific research and outreach efforts. The inaugural session is taking place next Monday, April 16 on the University of Washington campus. It is organized by COMPASS, the UW College of the Environment and the Open Science Federation. The people doing most of organizing are Liz Neeley (@LizNeeley), Jen Davison (@JenEDavison), and Brian Glanz (@BrianGlanz)

ScienceOnline Seattle was inspired by the amazing ScienceOnline organization, community and annual conference. Really, what put the organizers into motion was a little friendly competition with the ScienceOnline Bay Area organizers (and Seattle won!).

You can find all the information about it at This is where you register and see who else is registered so far. Thanks to Brian Glanz and the Open Science Federation, the website is part of a federated network for all the West Coast ScienceOnline monthly meetings (including ScienceOnline Bay Area and ScienceOnline Vancouver), as well as SciFundChallenge

The hashtag is #soSEA on Twitter, and the main account is @scioSEA


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