This morning, the science blogging ecosystem just got bigger and better. More the merrier!

Our friends at Popular Science just launched a brand new blog network.

They are starting with 13 wonderful bloggers, some veterans, some new, and there will be something for everyone:

Zero Moment: Erik Sofge on our robot future

Techtiles: Emma Barker on the science behind the clothes and gadgets we wear

Biohackers: Daniel Grushkin and others on bathtub genomicists and tissue tweakers

Ignition!: Peter Madsen on the world of amateur space exploration

Our Modern Plagues: Brooke Borel on the latest contagions and infestations, and the science of fighting them

LadyBits: Arikia Millikan and others on gender and feminism in science and technology

Boxplot: Maki Naro on science through the medium of graphic narrative

Rotorhead: Chelsea Sexton on the green rebirth of the automobile and other forms of transportation

Vintage Space: Amy Shira Teitel on the history of space exploration

Under the Microscope: Jason Tetro on microbiology and the germs that define us

Unpopular Science: Rebecca Watson on the area just beyond the fringe of science

KinderLab: Kate Gammon on the science of childhood development

Eek Squad: Rebecca Boyle on creepy animals

As you may be aware, Popular Science received some pushback a couple of weeks ago for their decision to shut down comment threads on (most of) their news articles. Bloggers, on the other hand, will open up their comments and will actively moderate their commenting threads to ensure high level of discourse on their blogs. Thus, go ahead and visit them all, subscribe to their feeds, and start posting smart comments!