You may remember when the network first launched there was some discussion in the blogosphere (see here, here, here, here and here) about the perceived lack of chemists on our network (though two of our bloggers have chemistry degrees). In response, we organized a Chemistry Day which was a blast!

Frankly, I had another chemistry blogger lined up before the launch, but in the last moment life interfered and we had to launch without that blog. In the meantime, I paid a lot of attention to the chemistry blogosphere and found several wonderful bloggers. I am very, very happy to announce that one of them is joining the network today.

I'd like you all to welcome Ashutosh Jogalekar to the network. You may already be familiar with his old blog, The Curious Wavefunction, but if not, go there to dig through the archives for some wonderful stuff on chemistry, physical chemistry, as well as more historical and philosophical themes. His new blog, also named The Curious Wavefunction will continue to cover all of these topics.

Ash was one of the contributors to The Chemistry Day with Chemistry: The Human Science. So go say Hello in the comments on his first post on the new blog, Why I am a chemist.