We have a new blog on the network today!!!!!

Gary Stix is a senior editor at Scientific American, covering mainly neuroscience. He is also the author of Who Gives a Gigabyte: A Survival Guide for the Technologically Perplexed.

In his very first post at his brand new blog Talking back, Gary explains the motivation for starting a blog - and all of it is true! I attend the editorial meetings once a month in person, and call in most of the other times, and Gary is always full of excitement and curiousity about science, a living compendium of knowledge (and opinion), and it's fun to listen to him - but the meetings need to end, and work of deciding on pitches and manuscripts needs to be done, so, instead of trying to make Gary stop short, we wanted to encourage him to say, at some other venue where others beside editors can hear him, all the things that are on his mind but cannot fit into editorial meetings. Hence - the blog!

Frankly, I have no idea what Talking back is going to cover, but since it's Gary's blog, I know it's going to be fun to watch! And we'll all learn something from every post.

So, bookmark Talking back, subscribe to the RSS feed, and go say Hi to Gary in the comments of his first post.