My brain clock thinks it's about 6am, so I hope I do not make too many typos and other mistakes in this post before I crash....and why do bloggers love to post lots of great articles while I am traveling? It takes time to catch up with all of their awesome writing...

Wednesday - yup, the day to introduce the new Video of the Week - see it over on the right-hand-side-bar.

- David Wogan - Update on the Bastrop, TX fires


- Scicurious - Weird Science is ALL Science at the IgNobel Prizes!


- Kevin Zelnio - The Cost of Bearing Lanterns


- Jeanne Garbarino (text) and Perrin Ireland (animation and illustrations) - Cholesterol: Friend Before Foe


- Lucas Brouwers - Penguins colonized Africa. Thrice.


- Melissa C. Lott - (Un)Reliable Energy Supplies – Transportation


- James Byrne - Peptidoglycan – The bacterial wonder wall


- Charles Q. Choi - Too Hard For Science? Recreating Earth’s dynamo


- Scott Huler - Can There Be Well-Timed Infrastructure Failures?


- Jason G. Goldman - Office Parties Are Just Like Four Loko (Which Is Just Like The Copenhagen Philharmonic)


- Gary Stix - The Bachmann Files: Don’t Let the Facts Stand in the Way of Incendiary Politics


- Alex Wild - Insects found, and not found, at Middlefork Savanna


- Rose Eveleth - Vaccine for Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Remains Safe



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