- Hilda Bastian - Are you a knowledge philanthropist? If not, why not?


- Jason G. Goldman - For Chimps, Tool Choice Is A Weighty Matter


- Judy Stone - Understanding medical news – “Between the Lines”


- John R. Platt - Hong Kong Imported 10 Million Kilograms of Shark Fins Last Year


- Gary Stix - Alzheimer’s: A Ray of Hope? Just Perhaps Maybe


- Jennifer Ouellette - My Kind of Town: Eureka Takes Its Final Bow


- Christina Agapakis - Ways of Seeing/Ways of Making


- Cassie Rodenberg - Here’s How We See Addiction (Presented by People of Tumblr)


- Rik van der Kant and Ruud Wijdeven - What is: Biomeeter - find your way in the world of conferences


- DNLee - Wordless Wednesday: Tanzania Horizons


- Scicurious - You know what they say about promiscuous voles...


- Katherine Harmon - Moss Sperm Smells Sweet Enough for Sex



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