Check out the transcript of last week's Chat about the Best Science Writing Online in 2012

- E. Paul Zehr - Assembling an Avenger – Inside the Brain of Iron Man


- Eric Buckler - Data Visualization: Trudging through digital road to new scientific discovery


- Jennifer Ouellette - Walking on Eggshells: Anatomy of a Science Story


- Bonnie Swoger - Why are journals so expensive?


- Scicurious - IgNobel Prize in Anatomy: I would know that butt anywhere


- Kelly Oakes - Supernova 1006 lived fast and left no companion behind


- Khalil A. Cassimally - Johns Hopkins University’s The Sieve Relaunches


- Kalliopi Monoyios - SciArt of the Day: Fermented Fashions


- David Biello - Will Humanity Face a Carbohydrate Shortage?


- Katherine Harmon - Can We Shrink Portions (And the Obesity Epidemic) With Psychology?


- Evelyn Lamb - Fractal Kitties Illustrate the Endless Possibilities for Julia Sets



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