Yes! We've made it! Forget NYTimes or BBC or NPR - SciAm Blogs were featured in The Onion! That is the pinnacle - nowhere higher to go. We are now part of the popular culture - see the video... of course, we made it our newest Video of the Week ;-)

And now back to more serious fare...

- Richard E. Dodge - Coral Transplants Offer Hope to Threatened Reefs


- Darren Naish - There are giant feathered tyrannosaurs now… right?


- Sarah Fecht - Gigantic Feathered Dinosaur Fossils Found in China


- Katherine Harmon - Programmable Nanomedicine Cancer Treatment Shrinks Human Tumors


- Jennifer Frazer - Can Diseases Cross Oceans By Wind?


- Jason G. Goldman - A Psychologist Goes To The Zoo: An Interview with Terry L. Maple


- James Byrne - Mucous Cancer – The mess of Pseudomyxoma peritonei


- Carin Bondar - Want to run a successful Kickstarter campaign? Start with cinematic genius…


- Joanne Manaster - Scientific American Blogs Officially Pop Culture Icon!


- Jennifer Ouellette - From the Archives: Gettin’ Jiggly With It


- Anna Kuchment - High school students design device to keep astronauts’ hearts healthy in space


- Dana Hunter - Suggestion Box


- Scicurious - Imposter Syndrome: could we learn something from sports?



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