Watch the 'Best of the Blogs' September video:

- Avery Carr - Is 196 a Lychrel Number?


- Jag Bhalla - Is Breaking Bad Darwinian?


- Julie Rehmeyer - Voevodsky’s Mathematical Revolution


- Markus Pössel - Dealing with the unexpected: William Kahan and the need for graceful exits


- Kathleen Raven - The other selfie: a single case study experiment on “clean eating”


- Shelly Fan - The fat-fueled brain: unnatural or advantageous?


- Kyle Hill - Why Bigfoot is Unlikely Only If You Know What “Unlikely” Means




- Hilda Bastian - Emotional donating: The science and un-science of disaster response


- Jennifer Ouellette - Torn Quad Can’t Stop Bill Nye the Dancing Science Guy


- S.E. Gould - Lab Rat’s new arrival


- John R. Platt - How Will Climate Change Affect Mountain Gorillas?


- Shara Yurkiewicz - Gut decisions


- Dana Hunter - Tuesday Tune: “Formed That Way”


- Kalliopi Monoyios - A Mosaic of September SciArt Glory


- Dina Fine Maron - Math-Based Adventures Animate Innovative African TV Show



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