- Darren Naish - Did dinosaurs and pterosaurs practise mutual sexual selection?


- Katherine Harmon - Why Is the New Deep-Sea Antarctic Octopus So Pale? and Octopuses Reveals First RNA Editing In Response to Environment


- David Wogan - Waste-to-energy: from pit latrines to biogas


- John R. Platt - Unchained: Indian Elephant Rehab Center to Be a Model for Rescued Zoo Animals


- David Bressan - From the Contracting Earth to early Supercontinents


- Ferris Jabr - Late Bloomer: Trailblazing 18th-Century Woman Botanist Finally Honored with Namesake


- John Matson and Rose Eveleth - Time Cloak Hides Very Brief Events [Animation]


- Larry Greenemeier - GM to Bolster Chevy Volt Batteries Following Electrical Fires


- Jason G. Goldman - Polar Bears Say "Stay Away!"


- Krystal D'Costa - Editor’s Selections: Myths, Shoulders, Risks, Resolutions, And Math



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