- Joselle Kehoe - Quantum Mechanical Words and Mathematical Organisms


- Dennis Waters - Why Do Sequences Think They Are So Special?


- Kyle Hill - Death By Lens Flare: Drink Into Darkness


- Scott Barry Kaufman - Gorillas Agree: Human Frontal Cortex is Nothing Special


- Maria Konnikova - Want to be happier and live longer? Protect green spaces


- David Wogan - Why we know about the greenhouse gas effect


- Robynne Boyd - Summer of the Mosquito


- John R. Platt - What Do Tigers and Kiwi Have in Common? The Answer Lies in Their Genes


- DNLee - Charges dropped against #KieraWilmot, now let's shower her with science love


- Darren Naish - These skulls are for talking about


- Ashutosh Jogalekar - Who’s the greatest American physicist in history?


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- John Matson - Citizen Scientists Track Light Pollution as Humanity Loses Touch with the Night Sky



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