- David G. Myers - Hearing Aids Can Serve a Second Purpose—As Wireless Speakers


- Jennifer Ouellette - The Physics of Thor’s Hammer Immortalized in Comic Form


- Mary Karmelek - “We Build, We Fight”: The Role of the Seabees in the Invasion of Normandy


- Dana Hunter - Epic Excitement: Reading Quad Map Documentation


- Nicholas Evans and Ashutosh Jogalekar - Promise or problem? A debate on nuclear power


- Melissa C. Lott - 2013 National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition Highlights Technology Innovation


- David Wogan - Is fracking regulation a federal issue? and Best of Blogs for May 2013: Mythbusters, fracking, and food advertising – oh my!


- Carin Bondar - Hangout LIVE on the Great Barrier Reef for World Oceans Day


- Katherine Harmon - Unusual Offshore Octopods: Great Glowing Octopus! [Video]


- John Horgan - Dave Farber, Internet’s “Grandfather,” Seeks to Cut Through Fog of Cyberwar


- Ingrid Wickelgren - When Is Stress Good for You? [Video]


- Scicurious - Best of the Blogs!


- Sandra Upson - Announcing Scientific American Mind’s Tablet Edition for iPad


- Arielle Duhaime-Ross - Your Meat Should Be Raised on Insects, U.N. Says



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