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- Andrew Jonathan Balmer - Jurassic Park and the race for ancient DNA


- Jag Bhalla - Evolutionary Economics And Darwin’s Wedge


- Jason G. Goldman - By Understanding Cheetah Social Networks, Researchers Could Improve Big Cats' Breeding Odds


- Krystal D'Costa - Digital Hydra: The Rise of the Couple Profile on Facebook


- Kyle Hill - The Beautiful Science of Helicopter Halos


- Katherine Harmon - Robot Octopus Swims With Lifelike Arms [Video]


- Dana Hunter - Mysteries at the Beach!


- Brian Malow - Interview with a Cicada (Expert)


- Joanne Manaster - Twelve Months of Curiosity on Mars in Two Minutes


- Kate Clancy - Canopy Meg Happy In Her Job, Tra La La


- Jesse Bering - Apotemnophilia: A Cut Above the Rest (of the Sexual Deviancies)


- Bora Zivkovic - Best of July at A Blog Around The Clock


- Dina Fine Maron - Global Water Shortages Grow Worse But Nations Have Few Answers


- Larry Greenemeier - Hackers Crack the iPhone, and AntiVirus Software Won’t Help



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