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- Athena Andreadis - Interview with a Saber Tooth Tiger


- John McCarthy - In nerve cells: an energy source nobody knew about.


- Anne-Marie Hodge - Laikipia Plateau: the Honey Badger did not care


- Darren Naish - Welcome to the Squamozoic!


- Scicurious - The Superiority Illusion: where everyone is above average


- Evelyn Lamb - 91 Is April Fooling You


- Mara Grunbaum and Ferris Jabr - Dear Evolution: Letters of Gripe and Gratitude


- Scott Barry Kaufman - From Chess to Dreams: Interview on the Creative Writing Process with Fred Waitzkin


- David Bressan - Citizen Science: Are you brave enough to venture to Earth's Core


- Dana Hunter - Men and Work-Life Balance in STEM Careers


- Melissa C. Lott - 5,000 students and counting – “Energy 101″ course tops the charts


- Kate Wong - Sea Lion Bops to the Beat, Challenging Popular Rhythm Theory


- Erin Brodwin - Infographic Tool Offers a Detailed Look at 3,000 Deaths by U.S. Drone Attacks and Climate Paradox: Longer Antarctic Melt Season May Mean Less Global Warming



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