- Jason G. Goldman - Ferrets: Man’s Other Best Friend


- Judy Stone - The NIH Superbug Story—a missing piece


- John Horgan - How William Thurston (RIP) Helped Bring About “The Death of Proof”


- David Bressan - The Day’s Work of a Volcanologist: Rumbling Mountains


- John R. Platt - Recently Discovered Lizard Species Down to 3 Remaining Females


- Joanne Manaster - A Capella Science-Rolling in the Higgs


- Larry Greenemeier - Could Cell Phones Stop People from Texting While Driving?


- Katherine Harmon - 50 Shades of Sea Slug Sex: It’s Stranger than You Think


- Fred Guterl - Scientific American Snags “Science in Society” Essay Award


- Marissa Fessenden - Will the U.S. Remain a Leader in a Science- and Technology-Driven Economy? and The Empire State Building Shooting: How Can We Respond to Gun Violence?


- John Matson - When–if Ever–Was Cycling Drug-Free?



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