The submission period for The Open Laboratory 2011 has now ended. We have 717 721 entries this year and they all look great (all listed below)! This list alone, even though only 52 of them will make it into the book, is quite a snapshot of the year in science blogging and quite a resource - share it with your friends to show them the quality and beauty of science on the Web.

Jennifer and I will now start the process of organizing the judges, ushering them through the judging process, editing the winning posts and more. You'll have to be patient - with a traditional publisher things move much slower than you are used to seeing with us. But I will post updates whenever I have something new to tell you.

For the background on what Open Lab is, see this post. You can buy the last five annual collections here. You can read Prefaces and Introductions to older editions here.

And here are the entries - enjoy!


@ScientificAmerican (Peter Norvig): Prescient but Not Perfect: A Look Back at a 1966 Scientific American Article on Systems Analysis

13.7 Billion Years: We Are Stardust

13.7 Billion Years: Report from 2050: Gardening on Mars

13.7 Billion Years: Report from 2050: Epilogue - Why This Century Is Special

538 Refugees: Rep. Gabrielle Giffords: Lessons About Traumatic Brain Injury

538 Refugees: In the Wakefield

538 Refugees: Tales of Big Pharma: Synagis™ (Palivizumab)

538 Refugees: Science Marches On

538 Refugees: A Cure for AIDS, But at What Cost?

The II-I- blog: Ode to A Voyager

The II-I- blog: Benevolence in evolution

The II-I- blog: …Hello?

A Blog Around The Clock: City Of Light: Insomniac Urban Animals

A Blog Around The Clock: Telling science stories…wait, what’s a “story”?

A Blog Around The Clock: Blogs: face the conversation

A Blog Around The Clock (guest post on SA Observations): Circadian clock without DNA--History and the power of metaphor

A Blog Around The Clock (guest post at SA Observations): The line between science and journalism is getting blurry....again

A Blog Around The Clock (guest post at SA Guest Blog): Me and the copperheads--or why we still don't know if snakes secrete melatonin at night

A leaf warbler's gleanings: Tigers Are Less Important Than Warblers

The Abstract - What Do Bees See? And How Do We Know?

Action-Reaction: Pseudoteaching: MIT Physics

Addiction Inbox: Cigarette Sadness

Addiction Inbox: That Pesky Gambling Question

Addiction Inbox: Smoking and the Slave Trade

Adventures in Ethics and Science: On the targeting of undergraduates by animal rights extremists (and the dangers of victim-blaming).

Adventures in Ethics and Science: The #scimom project: We are here!

Aetiology: Pigs with Ebola Zaire: a whole new can o' worms

Aetiology: Hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS): history and implications

Almost Diamonds: Rape Myth #1: She's Probably Lying

Almost Diamonds: Sex, Science, and Social Policy

Ambivalent Academic (guest post): An Optic Cup in a DISH

American SciCo: Science Online Will Change the World

Amused Artichoke: Science with Mice

Ancient Shore: The Beatles and the Cambrian Explosion

Anecdotes from the Archive: Protect yourself from the confidence man's moonshine

Anecdotes from the Archive: Homogenetic Enumeration: A Numerical System Guaranteed to Move You

Anecdotes from the Archive: A Closer Look at New York City’s Tap Water Monsters

Anecdotes from the Archive: Hold Your Horses with Electricity

Anecdotes from the Archive: Want to Become a Sharp Dresser? Sport a Knife in Your Collar

Anna's Bones: A Reason to Smile

Anthropology in Practice: Unraveling The Fear o' the Jolly Roger

Anthropology in Practice: Power, Confidence, and High-Heels

Anthropology in Practice: The Social Functions of Blushing

Anthropology in Practice: “It’s Hard for Me to Say I’m Sorry”: Rituals of Reconciliation

Anthropology in Practice: To Be or Not to Be Monogamous?

Anthropology in Practice: Does Your Beer Glass Matter?

Anthropology in Practice: Scent of a Woman

Anthropology in Practice: Separating the Wheat from the Chaff: Will Industrialized Foods Be the End of Us?

Anthropology in Practice: Communicating Meaning Online: A Digital Expression of Theory of Mind

Anthropology in Practice: The Evolutionary Roots of Talking With Our Hands

Anthropology in Practice: At a Loss for Words: Modern Lessons From a Lost Language

Anthropology in Practice: Whose Name Is It Anyway?

Anthropology in Practice: The Ways We Talk About Pain

Anthropology in Practice: Whose Name Is It Anyway?

Art and Science Lab: Sea-Nymphs, Bellydancers, and the Ocean: A Meeting With Dr. Mermaid

Art and Science Lab: Interpreting Sex Research in Sexist Ways: A Case Study

Art and Science Lab: World Science Festival: The Meeting of Great Minds (And Artists?)

Art and Science Lab: SlutWalkNYC: A Social Scientific Affair

The Artful Amoeba: Mosses That Move and the Rocks They Reveal

The Artful Amoeba: Bombardier Beetles, Bee Purple, and the Sirens of the Night

The Artful Amoeba: The Jellyfish that Conquered Land — and Australia

The Artful Amoeba: Lichens vs. the Almighty Prion

The Artful Amoeba: Just What is the Brain-Eating “Amoeba” Naegleria fowleri?

Assignment: Impossible: Too Hard for Science? Are There Drugs That Kill Love?

Astrobioloblog: The Invention of Sex

Astrobioloblog: Why Pluto isn’t a planet anymore… get over it.

Astrobioloblog: How to sex a pterosaur

Astrobioloblog: What is the Universe?

The Atavism: The origin and extinction of species

The Atavism: Sunday Spinelessness – Flat animals and biology’s age of discovery

Basic Space: Faster-than-light neutrinos show science in action

Basic Space: An impossible star?

Basic Space: We’re cosmic dust but you’re everything to me

Beaker: Four Ways Patient Advocates Help Drive Research

Beaker: Setting the Record Straight on Meiosis

Beaker: Seeing is Believing

Beaker: “Eye of newt” reverses a long-held scientific dogma

Beatrice the Biologist: Your cold symptoms are your fault

Beatrice the Biologist: Sleep Deprivation (cartoons)

Beatrice the Biologist: My Week without Plastic

Beatrice the Biologist: Jurassic Park, for realsies?

Beatrice the Biologist: Element Recycling

The Berkeley Science Review: Cal scientist keeps tabs on forest health: On trail with Jordan Zachritz

The Berkeley Science Review: Graduate women in science and engineering: Our struggle for equality

The Berkeley Science Review: Too many authors

The Berkeley Science Review: News from the Kepler observatory: our galaxy is really, really big

Big Ten Science: Polygamy Sucks for Women (In Terms of Genetic Sexual Selection)

Bio 2.0: The Promises, Demands, and Risks of Garage Biology

Biodiversity in Focus: The Fly Tree of Life - Big Science, Big Results?

The Biology Files: Autism, RORA, and testosterone

The Biology Files: Sex, gender, and gender identity

The Biology Files: The Bears of Texas: Chapter 1-The Last Grizzly

The Biology Files: Autism, Lupron, the Geiers, and what can science do about emotions?

BishopBlog: The X and Y of sex differences

The Black Hole: Identifying good scientists and keeping them honest

The Black Hole: Reducing medical (science) waste: Thinking before doing…

The Black Hole: Professionals in High Demand

Black Ink Obelisk: Somata (poem)

Blogus scientificus: Natural’s Not In It

Blogus scientificus: Scientists make shocking discovery: dogs cannot read our minds

Blogus scientificus: Shakes on a Plane: Can Turbulence Kill You?

Body Horrors: This Ain’t Yo Momma’s Muktuk: Fermented Seal Flipper, Botulism, Being Cold & Other Joys of Arctic Living

Body Horrors: Blood Money: Hookworm Economics in the Postbellum South

Body Politic: Why pregnant women deserve drug trials

Body Politic: Cell phones, Cancer, and Scientific Oversimplification

Body Politic: A close look at the plastics industry’s spin on BPA

Boing Boing (Lee Billings): Incredible journey: Can we reach the stars without breaking the bank?

Boing Boing (Maggie Koerth-Baker): Nuclear energy 101: Inside the "black box" of power plants

Boundary Vision: Objectivity and ambivalence: The case of the Apollo scientists

Boundary Vision: Arsenic, cold fusion and the legitimacy of online critique

Boundary Vision: Science and music: Seeing past the noise with Robin Woywitka and Paul Farrant

Boundary Vision: Women, romantic goals and science: The evidence just isn’t there

BPS Research Digest: How psychology helped locate HMAS Sydney II, lost for over 60 years

Brain, n.: What we know from science about how to pass your exams

Bug Girl's Blog: Will Brazilian Waxing Make Pubic Lice Extinct?

Bug Girl's Blog: It’s National Pollinator Week!

Bug Girl's Blog: Another reason the “Ark Park” is a bad idea

Bug Girl's Blog: Choosing a Graduate Program and Advisor

The Bunsen Boerner: Chemistry: this shit’s important

CABI invasives blog: Wild gingers – beastly beauties

Cassandra's Tears: Bubble Ring Play of Dolphins

ChemBark: The Sezen Files – Part III: And What of Sames?

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Ancestor Points the Way (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Neurospora Lullaby (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Tiny Captains (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: The Ballad of Big Bug Ranch (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: How's That Again? (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Spore Richard's Almanack (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Second Sight (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Scent and Sensibility (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Climate Change Poem 11 (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Climate Change Poem 13 (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Climate Change Poem 14 (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Climate Change Poem 16 (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Climate Change Poem 22 (poem)

Chronicles From Hurricane Country: Climate Change Poem 23 (poem)

Clastic Detritus: The Long Beat of Rhythmic Sedimentation

Clastic Detritus: Listening to Rivers

Clear Sci: SOS: Save our Science - Last minute Christmas

Clevelandpoetics: Dunkleosteus: three haiku (poetry)

Cocktail Party Physics: Twin Suns: Better Than One?

Compound Eye: Organic Honey Is A Sweet Illusion

Compound Eye: Interview: Photographer Jim Reed on Hurricane Irene and Storm Chasing

Confusedious; a science blog: Genetic diversity and ecosystem recovery; there is more to biodiversity than species count.

Context and variation: Menstruation is just blood and tissue you ended up not using

Context and variation: Parenting is not just for the ladies: on testosterone, fatherhood, and why lower hormones are good for you

Context and variation: Don’t douche, she declares acidly

Context and variation: Iron-deficiency is not something you get just for being a lady

Context and variation: Even when we want something, we need to hide it.

Cosmic Variance: Physics and the Immortality of the Soul

COSMOS - Online Features: What is the next penicillin?

Cracking the Enigma: Theories of autism: lessons from Dr House

Creatology: The fight against dengue fever continues

Creatology: Lia Ditton: Messing around on boats

Crude Matter: What can urine tell us? and Better living through pee-sniffing, or What can urine tell us? Volume 2. perhaps fused into a single essay.

Crude Matter: My experience with emetophobia, and some questions for the blogosphere.

Culturing Science: Learning to understand non-genius autistic people

Culturing Science: Urban ecology doesn’t have enough humans in it

Culturing Science: When adaptation doesn’t happen

Culturing Science: The danger of appealing stories: anecdata, expectations, and skepticism

Culturing Science: Natural history collections in ecological research

Culturing Science: Collapsed cod fishery shows signs of life

Culturing Science: Don’t forget the parasites! Reevaluating the pyramid of numbers

The Curious Cub: Hello...?

The Curious Cub: Building A Virtual Brain: A Dialogue

The Curious Cub: Censorship And Deleting Comments

Curiouser and Curiouser: Spreading the Skeptical Word through Music and Comedy

Curiouser and Curiouser: Interview With Professor Richard Wiseman

Curiouser and Curiouser: Speaking of Skeptical Activism

The Curious Wavefunction: Better extraterrestrial communication through chemistry: What do aliens want?

The Curious Wavefunction: How can we make the International Year of Chemistry successful?

The Curious Wavefunction: Aliens, arsenic and alternative peer-review: Has science publishing become too conservative?

The Curious Wavefunction: On chemistry's multiple cultures

Dangerous Experiments: On Beards, Biology, and Being a Real American

Darwin vs The Machine: How The Stock Market Influences The Hot 100 Billboard Charts

Deconstructing Science: Express Yourself!

Deep Sea News: DON’T PANIC: Sustainable seafood and the American outlaw

Deep Sea News: How To Cuddle Your Lady Right, by Smoove A

Deep Sea News: Inside the Outside

Degrees of Freedom: Under a Blood Red Sky

Degrees of Freedom: A Galactic Challenge: How Would You Teach Left from Right to an Alien Civilization?

Denim and Tweed: Evolution's Rainbow, from sparrows' stripes to lizard lesbianism

Denim and Tweed: An adaptive fairytale with no happy ending

Denim and Tweed: How can you tell if a plant is carnivorous? Feed it!

Design. Build. Play.: Computers and the Homeless

Design. Build. Play.: Design Fridays: That's a big prop

Design. Build. Play.: Future of Spaceflight: No single point sollution

The Digital Cuttlefish: BART Bugs! (poem)

The Digital Cuttlefish: If Cole Porter Were An Evolutionary Psychologist… (poem)

The Digital Cuttlefish: The Equal And Opposite Scientist (poem)

The Digital Cuttlefish: Ring Around The Coffee (poem)

The Digital Cuttlefish: Mighty Mouse! (poem)

Dinner Party Science: Who's afraid of the Universe?

Disease Prone: Emerging infectious diseases and cities

Disease Prone: Acinetobacter baumannii the most opportunisitic-ist pathogen you know

Disease Prone: Peptidoglycan – The bacterial wonder wall

Disease Prone: Jumping Frenchmen of Maine Syndrome

Disease Prone: Halitosis - Your mouth smells like arse

Disease Prone: Flooding and disease

Disease Prone: Capsular Polysaccharide and Pneumococcal Disease

Disease Prone: Anti-cancer Fungi

Disease Prone: No door? No problem. T. cruzi uses the window to cause Chagas Disease

The Dispersal of Darwin: Sir Charles?

The Dispersal of Darwin: Distilling “History of Science” to 140 characters…

The Dispersal of Darwin: PBS vs. NASA: Thoughts on popular science education at a local museum

The Dispersal of Darwin: Did Darwin respond to Wallace regarding pitcher plants?

Dog Spies: Humor Writing 101 - a course for all first year scientists

Doing Good Science: What about Dalibor Sames? The Bengü Sezen fraud and the responsibilities of the PI in the training of new scientists.

Doing Good Science: The objectivity thing (or, why science is a team sport). and Objectivity requires teamwork, but teamwork is hard. fused into a single essay.

Dot Physics: The Physics of a High-Speed Crash: 70 MPH vs. 85 MPH

Dot Physics: Here is an Awesome Moon Model

Dot Physics: Where Does the Carbon Come From?

Dot Physics: How To Brute Force a Car Talk Puzzler

The Dog Zombie: The case of the jaundiced terrier

The Dog Zombie: The curse of the missing uteruses, part three

The Dragonfly Woman: Ode to an Odonate on Valentine’s Day (poem)

Drugmonkey: Pick 'em (poem)

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist With a Twist: Reflections on Biology and Motherhood: Where do Homo sapiens Fit In?

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist With a Twist: Mark Burnett VS Charles Darwin in an Epic Battle of Immunity

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist with a Twist: Do Not Sex Your Sibs: Lessons from a Butterfly

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist with a Twist: Don’t discriminate against handicapped spiders just because their webs look a little different…

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist with a Twist: Nice eggs…come here often?

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist with a Twist: Two is cozy – Eleven is a crowd. Benefits to polyandry in a foam-nesting treefrog…

Dr. Carin Bondar - Biologist with a Twist: The astounding strength of homosexual bonds in Zebra Finches: Ladies need not apply…

Dr. Mark Van Stone: Glyphs – Evidence for 2012 Apocalypse

Earthsky: Lifeform of the week: Killer whales on trial

Earthsky: Lifeform of the Week: Naked mole-rat genome exposed

Earthsky: Want to eat less? Try a bigger fork

Earthsky: Which of the three gut types are you?

Earthsky: Gonorrhea reaching for superbug status, still

Earthsky: Carnivorous plants are out for blood

Earthsky: What’s true – and false – about the March 19 supermoon

Earthsky: Celebrating 100 years of International Women’s Day

Earthsky: Gettin’ biblical down in Texas

Earthsky: Autumn equinox, cycles of nature and Chinese philosophy

Earthsky: Have we seen a white hole?

Earthsky: Moon’s shadow, like a ship, creates waves in Earth’s atmosphere

EarthSky: James Webb Space Telescope in financial limbo, but science pushes on

EarthSky: Moon-bound twin GRAIL spacecraft launch success

EarthSky: Do atmospheric changes before Japan’s big quake indicate predictability?

EarthSky: Invisibility cloaks move one step closer from science fiction to reality

EarthSky: More ice loss ahead for Petermann Glacier in Greenland

EarthSky: Lifeform of the week: a silkworm’s work is never done

Electron Café: Scientific Process Rage (cartoon)

Empirical Zeal: What it feels like for a sperm

Endless Forms: Woolly Bats Use a Carnivorous Roost

Endless Forms Most Beautiful: An Unlikely Heroine

Endless Forms Most Beautiful: Romeo: A Lone Wolf’s Tragedy in Three Acts

The End Of The Pier Show: One Of Our Sea Serpents Is Missing

The End Of The Pier Show: Regular

Engineer Blogs: Noise of Aviation

En Tequila Es Verdad: Adorers of the Good Science of Rock-breaking

The Euroscientist: Pivot points – The big cheese and the director’s cut

The Euroscientist: Political will closes our eyes

EvoEcoLab: The Reality and Utility of Bear Paternity Tests

EvoEcoLab: Evolution’s Tempo, Movement I: Adagio

EvoEcoLab: Prescribing Gene Flow

EvoEcoLab: Agent of Selection (poem)

The Excuses I'm Going With: Up Malaria's Sleeve

The Excuses I'm Going With: The New Madrid Seismic Zone: Much Ado About Something ... Unexpected

The Excuses I'm Going With: Species Assault is a Go

The Excuses I'm Going With: Shaky Reasoning

The Excuses I'm Going With: Pornography Terms in Google Searches by Democrats and Republicans

Expression Patterns: Make history, not vitamin C

Extinction Countdown: Shark-finning gangsters assault celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay

Faraday's Cage is where you put Schroedinger's Cat: A shocking experience

Faraday's Cage is where you put Schroedinger's Cat: Moonscape Reminder: Owens Lake

The Febrile Muse: Human Papillomavirus: Driving Ms. HeLa, Henrietta Lack's Cells

The Febrile Muse: Scientific Literacy in Children: Building the Basics

The Flying Trilobite: Big. Giant. News.

The Flying Trilobite: Going Pro: free dinosaur art?

The Flying Trilobite: Visual art leading research - it's not happening.

From the burrows: The inner child

From the burrows: Beware the dolphins

From The Lab Bench: Hiding Place for the Artsy-Scientist

From The Lab Bench: Out of Hiding: The Artsy-Scientist's Mid-life Crisis

From The Lab Bench: We Want More Science, said the American Public

From The Lab Bench: The Science of Chocolate

From The Lab Bench: Life, Death, and Silver Bullets

Futiquity: Now You See It: Old Energy

Futiquity: Hurricane Parties and Hypercubes

Futiquity: Testing the Hypercube Loudspeaker

Galileo's Pendulum: Revisiting Schrödinger’s Cat

Genegeek: Can sport teach science about excellence?

The Gene Gym: Re-awakening enemy sleepers...

Genomics, Evolution and Pseudoscience: It's time to destroy our smallpox

Georneys: Geology Word of the Week: L is for Lithosphere

Georneys: Geology Word of the Week: O is for Ophiolite

Georneys: Technology Anachronisms in Science

Georneys: A Conversation with My Dad, a Nuclear Engineer, about the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Disaster in Japan

Georneys: Bee-Bop the General Exam Bear

Georneys: A Million Random Digits

Georneys: Why are there Earthquakes and Volcanoes in Japan? In Response to: Magnitude 8.9 Earthquake & Tsunami in Japan

Giga thoughts...: Singularity

Giga thoughts...: The Future of Telecom

Giga thoughts...: Technologies to watch: 2012 and beyond

Glass Petal Smoke: Inside the Olfactory Mind of Dr. Roman Kaiser

The Gleaming Retort: WTF Weather: Wichita Heat Burst

The Gleaming Retort: How IBM’s Watson Computer Excels at Jeopardy!

The Gleaming Retort: The Rapture of Daylight Saving Time

The Gleaming Retort: Volts and Vespa: Buzzing about Photoelectric Wasps

The Gleaming Retort: Energy from Methane Hydrates: Better to Burn Out than Fade Away

The Gleaming Retort: Great Moments in Science Writing: The Alpha Cavewoman Fiasco

Guardian Science Blog (Scicurious) The postdrome: migraine's silent sister

Guardian Science Blog (Karen James): Space shuttle launch: 'I feel the percussive roar on the skin of my face'

Guilty Planet: The Pros & Cons of Amazon Mechanical Turk for Scientific Surveys

The Haystack: Front-line Antibiotics To Fight E. Coli

The Haystack: The Tail’s The Thing – Alkylamine Ethers and Zafgen’s ZGN-433

The Haystack: BARDA Bets on Boron to Bust Bacteria

The Hermitage: The Academia Ghetto

Highly Allochthonous: Ten million feet upon the stair

Highly Allochthonous: A flood is a disaster when people are in the way

Highly Allochthonous: Levees and the illusion of flood control

History of Geology: Large Igneous Provinces and Mass Extinctions

History of Geology: Baron Nopcsa: More than just Transylvanian dinosaurs

History of Geology: It’s sedimentary, my dear Watson

History of Geology: Time for a new epoch? – the Anthropocene

History of Geology: On the Extinction of Species

Huffington Post (Clay Naff): The Dangers of Believing in Parallel Worlds

ICBS Everywhere: Know Not Only What You Know, But Why and How You Know It

The Imagination Age: The Unthinkable Sometimes Occurs

Inkfish: Superheroes Who Share a Power with Dolphins

Inkfish: How Farming Made Us Shorter

Inkfish: Eat Your Grains (They're Controlling Your Genes)

Inkfish: Evolved for Arrogance

Inside Our Lab: A Letter from the Post-doc with One Foot in the Pipeline

Inside Our Lab: If At First You Don't Succeed ...

The Inverse Square Blog: Annals of Stupidity Update–More on the GOP Hates Science beat

The Inverse Square Blog: My Kindergartener Could Solve Differential Equations Better Than That

The Inverse Square Blog: “I knew I was going to take the wrong train….”

The Inverse Square Blog: Why, Knock Me Down With a Feather: Megan McArdle is Still Always Wrong, Climate Science Edition

The Inverse Square Blog: Albert Einstein was a Friend of Mine, and I Can Tell You, Representative: You Are No Albert Einstein*

The Inverse Square Blog: “The First Thing A Principle Does Is Kill Somebody” Love, Hate… What’s the Difference?

It is NOT junk: Amazon’s $23,698,655.93 book about flies

It's Okay To Be Smart: On Beards, Biology, and Being a Real American (also here)

It's Okay To Be Smart: “There’s no crying in baseball” . . . the status quo of Ph.D. programs?

It Takes 30: Teflon bacteria

It Takes 30: How to read a genome

It Takes 30: Not sisters, under the skin

It Takes 30: Microbes that see the future

It Takes 30: The wisdom of cellular crowds

Just Like Cooking: Rare Earths, Common Problem

Just Like Cooking: Dirty Jobs: Why Don't Chemists Wear Suits?

Just Like Cooking: Musings: Who are Chemists, Anyway?

Katie Ph.D.(ABD): A whole new RNA world

Katie Ph.D.(ABD): How do you solve a problem like a broken chromosome?

Katie Ph.D.(ABD): DNA origami gets curves

Katie Ph.D.(ABD): How to make the most of your PhD: The road less traveled.

Kitchen Hacking: Blurring The Lines - Part I

Kitchen Hacking: I Want An Empty Waiting Room

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist: NASA and the American Dream

Laelaps: The Dodo is Dead, Long Live the Dodo!

Laelaps: What Death Means to Primates

Labcoat Life: Should Extremely Preterm Babies Be Saved?

Labcoat Life: Science Blogs Are Good For You

Labcoat Life: Define Science

Labcoat Life: Brains Breathe: Dopamine's Role In Preterm Infants

Lab Rat: Communicating with electricity

Lab Rat: Plague and the city

Lamentations on Chemistry: On the pitfalls of science outreach to the public

The Last Word on Nothing (Virginia Hughes): Autism’s Plot

The Last Word On Nothing (Ann Finkbeiner): Science Metaphors (cont): Resonance

The Last Word On Nothing (Chris Gunter): Guest Post: Part of Me Forever

Life Before the Dinosaurs: Scolecofurca.

Life Before the Dinosaurs: Fieldia lanceolata

Life, Unbounded: Superluminal muon-neutrinos? Don’t get your hopes up.

Life, Unbounded: Life in liquid carbon dioxide

Looking For Detachment: Deep Time

Looking For Detachment: Like caterpillars, crawling or marching...

The Loom: The Human Lake

The Lord Geekington: Of the Monstrous Pictures of Whales

Lost in Transcription: As opposed to the light of what?

Lost in Transcription: Kin Selection: Nowak vs the world

Lost in Transcription: Important Harvard Scientists Attack Kin Selection: Context

Lost in Transcription: Re: Homophobia and Evolutionary Psychology

Lounge of the Lab Lemming: Dear Hypothesis

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: Scaphognathus crassirostris: A Pterosaur in the Historical Record?

Love in the Time of Chasmosaurs: Goertzen's Case for the Historical Scaphognathus

Magma Cum Laude: Eruption rates at volcanoes

Mainly mongoose: Crying out loud

Mainly mongoose: More snakes and adders

Mainly mongoose: This morning I showered with a murderer

Mainly mongoose: The mysterious case of the missing mammals

Mainly mongoose: The past, the poop and palynology

Mammoth Tales: Tabbert’s Sea-Mammoth

Martian Chronicles: 9800 Feet

Martian Chronicles: MSL to Land at Gale Crater How is a mantis shrimp like a punching bag? The way it takes a hit. Man of Steel: Armor, not weapons, protects harvestmen from certain doom

The Mother Geek: How “boner” is misleading: The science behind an erect penis

The Mother Geek: Science on the brain: Motor traffic and beads on a string

The Mother Geek: The shmeat market: tissue engineering and the future of food

NeoAcademic: Online Plagiarism and Cybercheating Still Strong – 61.9%

NeoAcademic: Fight Your Fear of Cockroaches With Augmented Reality

NeoAcademic: Unfolding the IKEA Effect: Why We Love the Things We Build

Networking Embedded Systems: Build your own gyroscope messenger as Christmas present

NeuroanthropologyHuman (amphibious model): living in and on the water

Neuroanthropology: 'The last free people on the planet'

Neuroanthropology: Getting around by sound: Human echolocation

NeuroDojo: Indie spirit

NeuroDojo: Ptarmigans on ptreadmills

NeuroDojo: Before you attack science, could you at least learn to use Google?

NeuroDojo: Tales to astonish

Neuron Culture: Free Science, One Paper at a Time

Neurophilosophy: The illusion of attention

Neurophilosophy: The ghostly gaze and the disappearing bust of Voltaire

Neuropoly: The case of the man who couldn’t find the beat

NeuroPsydoctor8: Things were just simpler in the Dark Ages. Two Neuroscientific Challenges to Retributivism

NeuroPsydoctor8: Regarding Juvenile Comprehension of Miranda

NeuroPsydoctor8: Interested In Neuroethics and National Security? Well here you go:


Y U NO (cartoon)

NeuroPsydoctor8: Last thoughts and Consciousness

NeuroPsydoctor8: New neuroimaging technique: Mapping Myelination

Neuroself: Jonah Lehrer is not a neuroscientist

Neuroskeptic: Where Papers Come From

Neuroskeptic: Susan Greenfield Causes Autism

Neurosphere: Brain-based evidence for multiple intelligences?

Neurosphere: Is it time for a conceptual revolution in neuroscience?

Neurotic Physiology: Dinosaur Inspiration

Neurotic Physiology: In which Sci is WRONG, you guys. Follow up on bees and cell phones

Neurotribes: Woof! John Elder Robison, Living Boldly as a “Free-Range Aspergian”

the Node: The Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

the Node: Visualize it!

the Node: Turtles in a nutshell

Not Exactly Rocket Science: The Renaissance man: how to become a scientist over and over again

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Meet Dicty the amoeba – the world’s smallest farmer

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Prehistoric Brits made the world’s earliest skull-cups

Not Exactly Rocket Science: Forget butterflies – wasps and flies have hidden rainbows in their wings

Observations of a Nerd: Why do women cry? Obviously, it's so they don't get laid.

Observations of a Nerd: Reverse Bestiality: When Animals Commit Sexual Assault

How do you ID a dead Osama anyway?

The Occam's Typewriter Irregulars (ricardipus): Genome sequencing, Shakespeare style

The Occam's Typewriter Irregulars (ricardipus): Genome Assembly – a primer for the Shakespeare fan

Occ Psy Dot Com: Within boundaryless contexts, developmental relationships may positively impact upon optimism

Oh, For the Love of Science!: Zombie Ants and The Bite of Death

Oh, For the Love of Science!: Friday Weird Science GUEST POST: The distance between your testicles and your anus, 'taint unimportant

OnEarth: Reading Hurricane History in Layers of Marsh Mud

One Small Step: A supermassive star, all by its lonesome

One Small Step: Churnalism: Bad for Science?

One Small Step: Modelling comets, kittens and the Universe

On Science Blogs This Week: Explainer

On Science Blogs This Week: Quorum

On Science Blogs This Week: Inoculation

On Science Blogs This Week: Arsenic bugging

Oscillator: Allergy Recapitulates Phylogeny

Oscillator: Smelling Bacteria

Oscillator: Mad Science: Synthetic Polycephaly

Oscillatory Thoughts: How to be a neuroscientist

Oscillatory Thoughts: We are all inattentive superheroes

Pharyngula: Dear Emma B

Phased: Black Women Perceived as Being More White Receive Judicial Leniency in the United States

PKIDs Blog: HPV Vaccine: The Anti-Cancer Vax

PLoS Blogs Guest Blog (Delene Beeland): Saving Ethiopia’s “Church Forests”

Plugged In: Routine Maintenance Plunges Southern California into Darkness

Plugged In: The Earthquake App — circa 1859

Plugged In: Awake in the City

Plugged In: Buildings are sexy, too

Plugged In: One Footprint at a Time

The Primate Diaries (at Times Higher Ed): Ariel casts out Caliban

The Primate Diaries: The Science of Sexism: Primate Behavior and the Culture of Sexual Coercion

The Primate Diaries:

The Primate Diaries: On the Origin of Cooperative Species: New study reverses a decade of research claiming chimpanzee selfishness

The Primate Diaries: Commodity Traitors: Financial Speculation on Commodities Fuels Global Insecurity

The Primate Diaries: Touching Death

Promega Connections: Avoid Multiple Freeze/Thaw Cycles: Wooly Bear Caterpillars

Promega Connections: A New Role for Reactive Oxygen Species: Can We be Aged and Thin?

Promega Connections: A Scientific Explanation for Spontaneous Human Combustion

Promega Connections: The Devil is in the Details: Genetic Diversity and the Endangered Tasmanian Devil

Promega Connections: Springtime and the Emergence of Citizen Science

Providentia: The Turing Problem (Part 1), The Turing Problem (Part 2) and The Turing Problem (Part 3) fused into a single essay.

Providentia: Deconstructing Godel

Providentia: What's Your Blood Type?

Providentia: That Healthy Glow (Part 1) and That Healthy Glow (Part 2) fused into a single essay.

PsiVid: A few notes about SCIENTISTS for those attending ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’…

PsiVid: What Kind of Science Television Viewer Are You?

Psych Your Mind!: Friday Fun: When Your Research Goes Rogue

Psych Your Mind!: Dear Science, Stop Cheating Already

PsySociety: Sex and the Married Neurotic

PsySociety: Envying Evolution: What Can The X-Men Teach Us About Stereotypes?

PsySociety: Sex and the Married Neurotic

Puff the Mutant Dragon: Sunrise in the Garden of Dreams

Punctuated Equilibrium (guest post by Cath Ennis): The scientific method, in chromo-logical order

Purely a figment of your imagination: Helpful Poisons

Q Space: Juno: Journey to Jupiter

Quantum Diaries (US LHC): Helicity, Chirality, Mass, and the Higgs

Quintessence of Dust: What a selfish little piece of...

Quintessence of Dust: Evolution cheats, or how to get an old enzyme to do new tricks

Reality and Psychiatry: The Mind Body Problem and The Boundaries Between Normal Behavior And Mental Illness

Reciprocal Space: Numb or Numbered? - great comment section to edit and include.

Reciprocal Space: Joule’s Jewel

Reciprocal Space: Here is a Man Who Stood Up

Reciprocal Space: Is Massively Collaborative Scientific Publishing Possible?

The Renaissance Mathematicus: The Empty Building

Research at a Snail's Pace: Thurs-Demo: The one with the Earthquake Machine

RRResearch: Arsenic-associated bacteria (NASA's claims)

Rule of 6ix: On the origins of smallpox - where and when did variola virus emerge?

Rule of 6ix: An ecological perspective on bat viruses

Rule of 6ix: The ‘interactome’ of a host/pathogen triad

Rule of 6ix: How do viruses hijack our brains to make us vomit - and can we stop it?

Sauropod Vertebra Picture of the Week: Tutorial 12: How to find problems to work on

Scepticemia: Rifaximin in IBS: A Quick Fix?

The Scicurious Brain: I may not know where I’m going, but I always know where I’ve been.

The Scicurious Brain: Can probiotic yogurt cure your psychiatric ills?

The Scicurious Brain: Ketamine and Major Depressive Disorder: Is it Better with Special K?

The Scicurious Brain: High Fructose Corn Syrup: Much Maligned? Or the Devil’s Food Cake?

The Scicurious Brain: City Living and your Mental Health: Is city living driving you crazy?

Sciencebase: Can we count on journal metrics?

Science-Based Life: Understanding Evolution: 17 Misconceptions and Their Responses

Science Business: HSBC Takes Climate Change Research to the Bank

Science Business: One Nation, Under Geeks

Science Business: Campaign Begins to Boost Public Support for Biomed Research

Science Calling: Irish Americans: invasive wildlife abroad

Science Calling: My favourite virus

Science Creative Quarterly: Love and Death at the NIH

Science Disdained Nepal: Metarhizium anisopliae as Eco-friendly Antimalarial Biopesticide

Sciencegeist: My Chemically Fueled Life

Sciencegeist: I Love Gin and Tonics

Scienceline: Tiger bones, bear bile, and pangolin scales. Breaking down traditional Chinese medicine

Scienceline: How does the cardiovascular system work? There is a simple analogy: FedEx

Scienceline: (Don’t) Be Still My Heart. "Beating heart" transplants to be evaluated in study

Science Made Cool: A Whistle of Surprise

Sciencesounds: Cheerleaders, Rock Stars and Science Music: The Many Faces of Science Communication

Science Sushi: Mythbusting 101: Organic Farming > Conventional Agriculture

Science with Moxie: The power of rock n roll.

Science with Moxie: Please pay attention to the notes.

Scientific American Guest Blog (Marie-Claire Shanahan): Can we declare victory for women in their participation in science? Not yet

Scientific American Guest Blog (Marie-Claire Shanahan): Arsenic-Eating Bacteria Have Changed Science Education

Scientific American Guest Blog (Marie-Claire Shanahan): An arsenic-laced bad-news letter: Who is the audience for online post-publication peer review?

Scientific American Guest Blog (Marie-Claire Shanahan): Science Education and Changing People’s Minds: Writing to convince

Scientific American Guest Blog (Julia Galef): The Social Psychology of Burning Man

Scientific American Guest Blog (Cindy Doran): Tinea Speaks Up—a Fairy Tale

Scientific American Guest Blog (Cindy Doran): Short Story Science: Lenina versus the Pneumococcus

Scientific American Guest Blog (Evelyn Mervine): Nature’s Nuclear Reactors: The 2-Billion-Year-Old Natural Fission Reactors in Gabon, Western Africa

Scientific American Guest Blog (James Byrne): Bacteria, the anti-cancer soldier

Scientific American Guest Blog (Greg Gbur): Paris: City of lights and cosmic rays

Scientific American Guest Blog (Matt Soniak): Learning from Tinka: Able-bodied chimps cop a back-scratching technique from a handicapped friend.

Scientific American Guest Blog (Lynda Sharpe): So You Think You Know Why Animals Play…

Scientific American Guest Blog (Jeanne Garbarino and Perrin Ireland): Cholesterol: Friend Before Foe

Scientific American Guest Blog (Jeanne Garbarino): Heart interrupted

Scientific American Guest Blog (Matthew Francis): What We Know about Black Holes

Scientific American Guest Blog (Carmen Drahl): What’s In A Name? For Chemists, Their Field’s Soul

Scientific American Guest Blog (Rob Dunn): Biologist Spending Way Too Much Time Thinking about Discovery He Made on Jon Stewart’s Body

Scientific American Guest Blog (Rob Dunn): Man discovers a new life-form at a South African truck stop

Scientific American Guest Blog (Rob Dunn): The top 10 life-forms living on Lady Gaga (and you)

Scientific American Guest Blog (Cheryl Murphy): Will Carrots Help You See Better? No, but Chocolate Might

Scientific American Guest Blog (Maria Konnikova): Don’t Just See, Observe: What Sherlock Holmes Can Teach Us About Mindful Decisions

Scientific American Guest Blog (Maria Konnikova): Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: Paying Attention to What Isn’t There

Scientific American Guest Blog (Maria Konnikova): Lessons from Sherlock Holmes: Breadth of Knowledge Is Essential

Scientific American Guest Blog (Rebecca Jablonsky): The Gaze of Art and Science: To See Is Not to Know, and Vice Versa

Scientific American Guest Blog (Rebecca Jablonsky): Designing the Underdog: Instances of Technology and Art as Human Equalizers

Scientific American Guest Blog (Rita J. King): Failure of imagination can be deadly: Fukushima is a warning

Scientific American Guest Blog (Jeremy Yoder): The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Natural Selection and Evolution, with a Key to Many Complicating Factors

Scientific American Guest Blog (David Manly and Lauren Reid): Good Dads and Not-So-Good Dads in the Animal Kingdom

Scientific American Guest Blog (Bradley Voytek): What Bats, Bombs and Sharks Taught Us about Hearing

Scientific American Guest Blog (R. Douglas Fields): Curing Paralysis--Again

Scientific American Guest Blog (Kristina Bjoran): Animal emotion: When objectivity fails

Scientific American Guest Blog (Melanie Tannenbaum): “Anything but Country”: What Factor Analysis Reveals about Our Tastes for Tunes

Scientific American Guest Blog (Khalil A. Cassimally): Superfetation: Pregnant while already pregnant

Scientific American Guest Blog (Allie Wilkinson): Seafood at risk: Dispersed oil poses a long-term threat

Scientific American Guest Blog (Scicurious): Serotonin and sexual preference: Is it really that simple?

Scientific American Guest Blog (Holly Menninger): Winter stoneflies sure are supercool

Scientific American Guest Blog (Karen James): Evolution isn't easy, even in Galapagos

Scientific American Guest Blog (Amir Aczel): A Higgs Setback: Did Stephen Hawking Just Win the Most Outrageous Bet in Physics History?

Scientific American Guest Blog (Marcelo Vinces): It’s Not That Easy Being Green, but Many Would Like to Be

Scientific American Guest Blog (Neil F. Comins): What If the Moon Didn’t Exist?: The Fun of Counterfactuals in Science

Scientific American Guest Blog (Stephanie Zvan): The Politics of the Null Hypothesis

Scientific American Guest Blog (Emily Willingham): Of lice and men: An itchy history

Scientific American Guest Blog (Jennifer Frazer): Excuse me, Sir. There's a moss-animal in my Lake

Scientific American Guest Blog (Melissa C. Lott): Texas "Tea" becomes the Texas "E"?

Scientific American Guest Blog (Summer Ash): Science in the neighborhood: How to make really good coffee

Scientific American Guest Blog (Ashutosh Jogalekar): Chemistry: The Human Science

Scientific American Guest Blog (Antony Williams): All that glisters is not gold: Quality of Public Domain Chemistry Databases

Scientific American Guest Blog (Susanna Speier): Dad, the Apollos and the End of Space Shuttle Era Sadness

Scientific American Guest Blog (Susanna Speier): Beauty Pageants and the Misunderstanding of Evolution Meet….Again

Scientific American Guest Blog (Matthew Hartings): Cooking up some chemistry inside a cell

Scientific American Guest Blog (Carmen Drahl): What’s In A Name? For Chemists, Their Field’s Soul

Scientific American Guest Blog (David Kroll): Drugs from the Crucible of Nature

Scientific American Guest Blog (Deborah Blum): A View to a Kill in the Morning: Carbon Dioxide

Scientific American Guest Blog (Brian Switek): Breaking our link to the "March of Progress"

Scientific American Guest Blog (Casey Rentz): How to stop a hurricane (good luck, by the way)

Scientific American Guest Blog (Anne-Marie Hodge): Carnivore crossing: How predator species dominated mammal diversity on the Kuril Islands

Scientific American Guest Blog (Kelly Oakes): Habitable and not-so-habitable exoplanets: How the latter can tell us more about our origins than the former

Scientific American Guest Blog (Christina Agapakis): Mixed cultures: art, science, and cheese

Scientific American Guest Blog (Kathryn Clancy): I don't have a 28-day menstrual cycle, and neither should you

Scientific American Guest Blog (Holy Bik): A plea for basic biology

Scientific American Guest Blog (Andrea Kuszewski): Could chess-boxing defuse aggression in Arizona and beyond?

Scientific American Guest Blog (Rose Eveleth): Can you hear me now? Animals all over the world are finding interesting ways to get around the human din

Scientific American Guest Blog (Rachel Nuwer): When animals attack: Death databases indicate that our fondest phobias may be misdirected

Scientific American Guest Blog (Danielle Lee): Under-represented and underserved: Why minority role models matter in STEM

Scientific American Guest Blog (David Manly): Biting the hand that feeds: The evolution of snake venom

Scientific American Guest Blog (David Manly): The Ferret Hunters

Scientific American Guest Blog (David Manly): Mirror images: Twins and identity

Scientific American Guest Blog (Dan Bailey): In search of the origins of warfare in the American Southwest

Scientific American Guest Blog (Daniel Ksepka): 5 things you never knew about penguins!

Scientific American Guest Blog (Robin Ann Smith): The worms within

Scientific American Guest Blog (Samuel McNerney): Confirmation Bias and Art

Scientific American Guest Blog (Jennifer Frazer): Pimp My Virus: Ocean Edition

Scientific American Guest Blog (David Manly): Ugly animals need love, too

Scientific American Observations (David Biello): What Was in the Oil Spilled during BP’s Gulf of Mexico Disaster?

Scientific American Observations (George Musser): Free Will and Quantum Clones: How Your Choices Today Affect the Universe at its Origin

Scientopia Guest Blogge (DrRubidium): Chemistry For The Zombie Apocalypse

SEAPLEX: Seeking the Science of the Garbage Patch: Does the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” exist?

SEE Reports: Luck, Luck--#2 and Luck--#3

Self-Organizing Networked Systems: Langton's Ant - from simple rules to complex behavior

Seven Deadly Synapses: To Sleep, Perchance to Cause a Midair Collision

Seven Deadly Synapses: Liberally Thinking: Red Brain, Blue Brain

Seven Deadly Synapses: Iodine-131 in US Milk: Cause for Concern?

Seven Deadly Synapses: Seven Deadly Sins Sunday: Gluttony Part 3

Seven Deadly Synapses: Mother’s Little Helper, the Brainstem

Silvarerum: Chasing Daphnia: The Smallest Story on Earth

Skulls in the Stars: The Saga of the Scientific Swindler! (1884-1891)

Skulls in the Stars: The birth of electromagnetism (1820)

Skulls in the Stars: Mpemba’s baffling discovery: can hot water freeze before cold? (1969)

Skeptikai: Oz and Eastern Wizardry

Sleeping with the Fishes: Self-Help for Seabirds: How to manage your time and outcompete your neighbors for maximum survival

Solar at Home: How Optical Illusions Can Build a Better Bulb

Southern Fried Science: The Global Extinction Crisis – species area relationships, habitat loss, and population dynamics

Southern Fried Science: Climbing Mount Chernobyl

Southern Fried Science: The importance of failure in graduate student training

Southern Fried Science: Deep Fried Sea: Shark Week?

Southern Fried Science: Chronicle of a Death Forestalled: the Gulf of Mexico oil spill that didn’t happen

Southern Fried Science: Is it time for a sustainable pet movement?

SouthernPlayalisticEvolutionMusic: Confronting Marginalization: Internal Influences

SouthernPlayalisticEvolutionMusic: Confronting Marginalization: External influences Blog: Angela Ronson Part 1: Not a Vegetable at All, but a White Crow

Stages Of Succession: Teaching The Art Of Tequila Shots

Stages Of Succession: Anthropogenic Global Warming In The Classroom

Stages Of Succession: The Thin Evolutionary Line

Streams of Consciousness: Porn on the Mind

Streams of Consciousness: Money Can Buy Isolation

Streams of Consciousness: The Miracle of Birth is that Most of Us Figure Out How to Mother—More or Less

Streams of Consciousness: Forgetting About 9/11

Stripped Science: Microbiology and the Old Spice guy (cartoon)

Substantia Innominata: If you are a headbanger, you should listen to Céline Dion

Suite101: People of the Hubble Space Telescope

Superbug: Diseases and borders: Potatoes and St. Patrick’s Day

Superbug: File Under WTF: Did the CIA Fake a Vaccination Campaign?

Superbug: E. coli: A Risk for 3 More Years From Who Knows Where

Superbug: Highly Resistant Salmonella: Poultry, Antibiotics, Borders, Risk

Superbug: Resistant Salmonella: Deadly Yet Somehow Not Illegal

Superbug: How a U.S. Court Case Explains Problems Eradicating Polio

Surprising Science: Why We Need a Nap Room in the Office

Surprising Science: The Secret Lives of Feral Cats

Surprising Science: Biologist Rob Dunn: Why I Like Science

Surprising Science: Biology’s Ten Worst Love Stories

Symbiartic: The Chemistry of Oil Painting

Symbiartic: We Blew a Bubble for a Man Named Edison

Symbiartic: Alone in the blogiverse: where are all the space-art bloggers?

Symbiartic: 5 Reasons Your Camera Won’t Steal My Job

Symbiartic: To © is Human

Symbiartic: The DNA Hall of Shame

Symbiartic: Magic Beans

Symbiartic: Science-Art: don’t call it “Art”

Tattooed Science: Sex and math: You can integrate my curves any day

Tetrapod Zoology: Necks for sex? No thank you, we're sauropod dinosaurs

Tetrapod Zoology: Those giant killer pigs from hell aren’t pigs

Tetrapod Zoology: Prediction confirmed: plesiosaurs were viviparous

Tetrapod Zoology: You have your giant fossil rabbit neck all wrong

There and (hopefully) back again…: In the shadows of greatness

This is serious monkey business: Primate vaccines: help you to help me?

This is serious monkey business: “Bad-sad-bad” and other responses to death.

This is serious monkey business: Raison d’etre of the female undergraduate primatology blogger.

This is serious monkey business: Is habituation ethically permissible from a biocentric perspective?

This is serious monkey business: The Curious Case of the Present Hymen.

This May Hurt A Bit: Disgusting

This May Hurt A Bit: Nonsense

This May Hurt A Bit: "Don't You Want to Know What I Used to Do?"

This May Hurt A Bit: Fragmented Intimacies

This View of Life: Elements of an Effective Public Education Toolkit

This View of Life: Narrating Science and Fear

The Thoughtful Animal: Defending Your Territory: Be Smelly, Be Fast

The Thoughtful Animal: Might Pleistocene Fido Have Been A Fox?

The Thoughtful Animal: Perseverating on Perseverative Error: What Does The "A-not-B Error" Really Tell Us About Infant Cognition?

The Thoughtful Animal: Rats, Bees, and Brains: The Death of the “Cognitive Map”

The Thoughtful Animal: Mathematics, Cities, and Brains: What Can A Highway Engineer Learn From A Neuroscientist

The Thoughtful Animal: Four Loko Is Just Like The Copenhagen Philharmonic

The Thoughtful Animal: Animal Imagination: The Dog That Pretended to Feed a Frog (and Other Tales)

Mathematics, Cities, and Brains: What Can A Highway Engineer Learn From A Neuroscientist?

The Thoughtful Vegetable: Ask The Retard

The Thoughtful Vegetable: A Developmental Profile

Thoughtomics: We Are Nobody: Contingency and Convergence in Evolution

Thoughtomics: Shapeshifting protein makes sour taste sweet

Thoughtomics: Penguins colonized Africa. Thrice.

Thoughtomics: Long Lost Relative of Ticks Pops Up Again

Thoughtomics: Where does milk come from?

Thoughtomics: The end of E. coli

Thoughts from Kansas: Does meditation make people act more rationally?

Thoughts from Kansas: On interfaith outreach and atheists

Thoughts from Kansas: Biopunks, biohackers, and the movement to own your own DNA

The Throckmorton File: Do You Know the Most Remarkable Thing About Penguins? (You Don't.)

The Tree of Life: The story behind the story of my new #PLoSOne paper on "Stalking the fourth domain of life"

The Tree of Life: A "work" trip to Catalina Island: USC, Wrigley, C-DEBI, dark energy biosphere, Virgin Oceanic, Deep Five, & more

Through the looking glass: What’s this public ‘engagement’ with science thing then?

Through the looking glass: A brief history of awesome

Token Skeptic: On Codes Of Conduct: A Brief History of Civility, Inclusivity, Sexism and Skepticism

Tooth and Claw: Of Bad Odors and Good Yarns

TumbalacaTumblr: Tum-ba-ba.(cartoon)

Uncertain Principles: Science Is Not Irreducibly Complex

Uncertain Principles: Everybody Thinks Scientifically

Uncertain Principles: Teleportation of Toddler Toys

Uncertain Principles: Faster Than a Speeding Photon: "Measurement of the neutrino velocity with the OPERA detector in the CNGS beam"

Uncharted Atolls: Crushing predators reinvade the Antarctic benthos

Universe: Moon Arts, Part Two: Fallen Astronaut

Urban Science Adventures!(c): Urban Wildlife Watch: 13 Year Cicadas

The Urban Scientist: Thinking like a scientist: Confronting the alarming stats of the No Wedding No Womb

The Urban Scientist: Why Kanazawa is wrong, and it’s not just because he dissed Black Women

The White Noise: Can drugs drill holes in your brain?

The White Noise: How addiction feels, the honest truth

The White Noise: Did Ecstasy cause a teen to kill his parents or am I at a ’90s rave?

The White Noise: Addiction: a Fault of Chemistry

WhizBANG!: My Grandma’s Cure-All

WhizBANG!: An Active Study

Why We Reason: The Psychology of Marriage: Choice or Arranged?

Why We Reason: The Future of Psychology: Can We Know What It’s Like To Be A Bat?

Wiring the Brain: Complex interactions among epilepsy genes

Worst Professor Ever: Why Humanities People Should Care About Math

Yes Means Yes!: Gender Differences and Casual Sex: The New Research Welcome to the future of recreational drug use.

Zoonotica: Campylobacter jejuni – hugely adaptable but how does it do it?