Have a great weekend, while enjoying these recent posts:


- Samuel McNerney - What makes us happy? Alexis de Tocqueville vs. Kanye West


- John Horgan - The "Slow Science" Movement Must Be Crushed!


- Darren Naish - Dear Telegraph: no, I did not say that about the Loch Ness monster


- Kevin Zelnio - Prescribing Gene Flow


- Krystal D'Costa - Interested in Science? Come to the #NYCSciTweetUp on Aug. 9th


- Bora Zivkovic - Blogs: face the conversation


- Charles Q. Choi - From The Writer's Desk: A Salon of the Mind and Visions: Rare and Precious


- Eric Michael Johnson - Does Rough-and-Tumble Play Teach Lessons About Fairness? "Why, Soitenly!"


- Robynne Boyd - Food: Knowing Where it's Growing


- Kelly Oakes - A stellar nursery in Orion


- Princess Ojiaku - Bjork's Biophilia


- The Dog Zombie - Guest Post! Learning from Domesticated Foxes


- Olivia Koski - Science Goes Guerilla in the U.S.




And if you missed the posts earlier in the week, they have been collected here:

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