Some great readings for the evening, if you missed them during the day:

Lilly Vicens guest-posts on The Outdoors as a "World of Wonder" for Children.


In Migraine Revelations Afflict Michelle Bachmann's Campaign, John Rennie argues this is not necessarilly a disqualifying thing for her if one understands migraines.


Krystal D'Costa went to AMNH for a special Picturing Science: Museum Scientists and Imaging Technologies tweetup and reported from there: Picturing Science: Secrets of the Museum Revealed. She also made her choices for the week: Editor’s Selections: Effects of Quality of Life, Google and Memory, Language, and Bears.


Kevin Zelnio wrote a poem: Agent of Selection.


Great piece by Caleb Scharf as the last space shuttle landed: O NASA! My NASA!.


Alex Wild demonstrates what a cheap camera can do: Thrifty Thursday: James Waters’s iPhone Ants.


Have you ever heard of Minitel? Me neither, so this post by Davide Castelvecchi is enlightening: France Telecom to Shut Down a Beloved Precursor of the Web.


John Matson is on the shuttle beat this week - Space Shuttle Era Ends with Safe Landing of Atlantis and A Tribute to All 135 of NASA's Space Shuttle Missions [Video].


Says John Platt: Whitebark Pine Turned Down for Endangered Species List.


Why bacteria often invade just when you get a viral infection? S.E.Gould explains: When viruses and bacteria unite!


Supernova! A heart-warming story about a dying star. Kelly Oakes: We’re cosmic dust but you’re everything to me.


In Learn to Forgive Yourself in a Parallel Universe Phil Yam reviews Another Earth the movie, and the controversy around the theory of parallel universes and its morality.


In the second post in the series, Janet Stemwedel explains why Objectivity requires teamwork, but teamwork is hard.


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