While the bloggers are so prolific (you have to remember they had to wait several months until the launch, having blog posts all written and ready to go in advance) I feel I need to do these summaries almost daily. Here is the latest crop of posts, if you missed them over the past day or so:


Michelle Clement: Visual bias in soccer fouls.


Jennifer Ouellette: Physicists Embrace the Splatter Master


Darren Naish: Cryptozoology at the Zoological Society of London. Cryptozoology: time to come in from the cold? Or, Cryptozoology: avoid at all costs?


Davide Castelvecchi: When Math(s) Turns Out To Be Useful


John Horgan: The Curse of Iatrogenesis: When 'Cures' Make Us Sicker


Cedar Riener: Deselection of the Bottom 8%: Lessons from Eugenics for Modern School Reform


John Platt: Want to Conserve Bats? There's an App for That


David Bressan: July 19, 1985: The Val di Stava dam collapse


Charles Q. Choi: Welcome back to Too Hard For Science? and Seven noteworthy entries from Too Hard For Science? and Too Hard For Science? Detecting Signals From Before the Big Bang


Bora Zivkovic: ScienceOnline2011 – interview with Kaitlin Thaney


Kate Clancy: How do we define populations?


David Biello: Nuclear Fission Confirmed as Source of More than Half of Earth's Heat and What Was in the Oil Spilled during BP's Gulf of Mexico Disaster?


Lauren Reid: Let’s Educate Kids About Animals


Christina Agapakis: Smelling Bacteria


Katherine Harmon: Odd Insect Fossils Suggest Early Carnivorous Lifestyle


William Gilly: Squid Studies: Saving the Sea of Cortez? We all need to help


John M. Logsdon: As Atlantis Glides to Its Final Landing, What Comes Next?


Lauren F. Friedman: Schadenfreude: Why the News Corp Phone Hacking Scandal Makes Some People Smile



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