I've always thought of myself as a writer who likes science more than a scientist with a passing interest in writing. One of the reasons for this is that as well as writing science and microbiology related articles, I also dabble in fiction.

Recently, I managed to not only finish one of my fiction stories, but actually have it accepted for E-publication. It's a world away from my science writing (which is why it's published under my Other Name) but I thought there might be some of my readers here with a passing interest in stories about university drama, or who were curious about what other writing I produced.

Click here to take a look, read an excerpt, and buy the e-book!

So it you have a sudden desire to read about two guys at university falling awkwardly and uncertainly in love, or have $2 and want to take a look at what I do when I'm not writing about science, go and purchase it! This is the only post I'll be mentioning it in so next week we'll be back with your regularly scheduled bacteria.