Attention! This competition isn’t only open to writers—producers, you are also welcome. The joy. Science communication isn’t only about great proses but also about effective multimedia reports. As such, this competition has two categories: writing and multimedia.

Chemistry World, a popular magazine published by the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), and ChemCareers invite budding science reporters, students, postgrads and early-career scientists around the world to participate in their first science communication competition. Writers can write any piece they want (be in news, opinion, feature) in a maximum of 800 words while producers should come up with an audio or video documentary of 5 minutes or less. Your awesome works must of course be related to the chemical sciences and should be sent in before August 31.

Your work will be reviewed by well-respected science journalists and academics such as the Financial Times’s science correspondent, Clive Cookson, and the RSC’s soon-to-president Prof. Lesley Yellowlees. Even more exciting perhaps, 20 participants will be shortlisted and invited to a (very sciencey) reception on October 10 in London. The winners of each category will have their work published in Chemistry World and pocket a cool £300 (about $465). An equally cool £100 (about $155) to each runner-up.

So, to recap: open to participants from around the world, both writing and multimedia, related to the chemical sciences, 20 shortlisted participants to attend cool reception in London, winners get published in Chemistry World and win £300 cash prize.

You should be interested so here are the details in more comprehensive point form:

  • Articles related to the chemical sciences of no longer than 800 words in length. Style is up to you.
  • Multimedia related to the chemical sciences in either audio or video forms of lengths no longer than 5 min.
  • Deadline: August 31
  • Online submission page here.

More info:

Best of luck to you.