Image of the Week #90, May 8th, 2013: From: Illusion of the Week: Delicious Portrait by Susana Martinez-Conde and Stephen L. Macknik at Illusion Chasers. Source: Ren? Redzepi, via Jorge Otero-Millan All photographs are an illusion, creating the idea of three-dimensional space on a flat plane. Our brains read areas of light and dark as highlights and shadows on objects, using our knowledge of the world to make sense of what we are seeing. We do this as effortlessly as we breathe. But this photograph of dishes from the world famous restaurant Noma is a particularly clever reminder that our brains are programmed to look for meaning as we take visual cues to make sense of our world. Light and dark objects are arranged so that from the perspective of the camera, they form the portrait of Noma's chef, Ren? Redzepi. You can see a video of the making of this remarkable image at Illusion Chasers