Some very special events are happening at Arizona State University this weekl starring several of your favorite scientists! On April 4, Arizona State University’s Origins Project, led by Lawrence Krauss of The Unbelievers fame, will celebrate it’s 5th birthday with a party! Some of the most famous scientists in the works will be in attendance, including Richard Dawkins (the other Unbeliever), Steven Pinker, and many more. The gala will be held at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix and tickets are still available:

The celebration continues on April 5th with one of Origin’s signature Great Debates events on Transcending Our Origins--Violence, Humanity, and the Future. The event will showcase personal opinions and interactions between the visiting science dignitaries, and will be an event not to be missed!

If you can’t make it to Phoenix then you can file the live webcast, or follow The Origins Project on twitter (@asuorigins). Attendees/followers are encouraged to tweet about the event using the #origins5 hashtag.