"Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?"

("Batman" 1989)

The night before December 6, belongs to the Krampus, a beast-like demon in the Alpine folklore - and strange marks can be found on some rocks in the Dolomites - resembling the imprints of an exceptional large cloven hoof.

Ancient stories tell of these secret places, where witches, sorcerers and lesser demons gathered in a wild dance - and at midnight the devil himself, disguised as a black goat, would appear. But at sunrise even the mightiest evil force had to return to hell - on the rocks only the imprints of the devil's hooves remain as grim reminder.

The geologist explains the strange hoof-like figures as cross sections of large extinct bivalves of the genus Megalodus, but then, wasn't the greatest trick of the devil convincing the world he didn't exist...