"The Valley of Gwangi"* (1969) is considered one of the most notable prehistoric-monster-movies of all times - this fame is based on the unusual story (adapted from a script by special effects pioneer Willis "King-Kong" O'Brien) but more so on the stunning creature effects featured in the movie and produced by special effects legend Ray Harryhausen - who passed away today aged 92.

The movie combines the western-genre with the classic monster-movie of the sixties and seventies - however the movie was released at the end of the golden age of monster-movies and the public had almost lost interest in this genre. The particular storyline of "The Valley of Gwangi" was intended to attract fans of monster-, but also adventure-, catastrophe- and western- movies.

Ray Harryhausen will be remembered for his many stop-motion creatures crawling, stomping and running through countless adventure, science-fiction and fantasy movies - in the years 1938 - 1940 Harryhausen worked even on a "science-movie" - called "Evolution", featuring -what else - prominently stop-motion dinosaurs...


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