Here are some things I saw around the internet in the last month that might be of interest.


If you can access it, read this week's edition of Cell, it's all about food, and there are some great articles in there.

Bill Nye examines the science, and admits that he got some stuff wrong about GMOs. Nice to see that some minds can be changed with evidence.

A couple of different outlets on the work that my lab does on cheese microbiology. One of those is a bit old, but still worth reading. Hopefully by the end of the year, there will be some coverage of my research. Well, there will be on this blog anyway.

An excellent podcast by former Sbling (though we barely overlapped) and SciAm blogger Christina Agapakis on fugal food ferments. She's doing some cool stuff on her blog too, though less frequently than I would like.

A spirited defense of the local food movement. I wasn't aware it needed defending... the arguments against it seem absurd, but what do I know?

I heard about this vegetarian cookbook on Fresh Air. My wife is vegetarian and a great cook, but I'd definitely like to add some of these recipes to our household menu.

Will my child be born autistic if I eat GMOs? A scientists view (spoiler alert: no).

Other stuff

Chris Mooney wants us to "Stop Pretending That Liberals Are Just As Anti-Science As Conservatives." I certainly hope not, but sometimes I wonder.

Canada's double whammy for OpenAccess and OpenResearch. This is really amazing news, and would be great if the US followed our neighbors to the north. Science is for everyone, particularly when it's publicly funded (as it most often is)

The podcast I host about the immune system just did an episode on the immunosuppressive effects of semen. We updated our website too... it's much prettier now :-)

While I was googling myself (don't deny it - you do it too) looking for something I previously wrote, I stumbled on Dr. Bonham's Case - alas, it's not about me. But apparently it's an interesting piece of British jurisprudence. I am in wikipedia somewhere though...