One of the scientists on board, Chris Brown, visualized the relationship between Ehux and ship morale. The top there is real data, so you can see just how big the spike was in Ehux concentration in our new spot.

In the spirit of Chris's graph, here are some other little graphs I've made in the past few weeks about our time here. They're just pictures taken of my journal where I keep my not-safe-for-SciAm-blog thoughts, so apologies for the quality.


And here's a gratuitous picture of what the sky looked like last night at 2am. Because I can and I think it's cool.

(Note: The internet on board is going to be down for most of today and possibly tomorrow, so don't worry, we haven't sunk, we're just offline)

During this trip, I’ll be answering your questions about the science, this ship, and life onboard. Want to know how we search for plankton, why we’re here, or what the food is like? Just ask me! And if you’re wondering how I got here, check out the groups that made this adventure possible: Mind Open Media and COSEE NOW.

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