For those of you who mostly follow my writing here on "Doing Good Science," I thought I should give you a pointer to some things I've posted so far this month (which is almost half-over already?!) on my other blog, "Adventures in Ethics and Science". Feel free to jump in to the discussions in the comments over there. Or, if you prefer, go ahead and discuss them here.

The month kicked off with a bunch of posts looking forward to ScienceOnline 2012, which is next week. First, on the issue of what to pack:

Packing for #scio12: plague relief.

Packing for #scio12: what are you drinking?

Packing for #scio12: sharing space with others.

Packing for #scio12: plumbing the inky depths.

Then, a discussion of what's special about an unconference: Looking ahead to #scio12: the nature of the unconference. In this post, I put a call out for contributions to the wikis for the two sessions I'll be helping to moderate: one (with Amy Freitag) on "Citizens, experts, and science", the other (with Christie Wilcox) on "Blogging Science While Female". Those wiki pages are just calling out for ideas, questions, or useful links. (Your ideas, questions, or useful links! What are you waiting for?)

After that, my response to a recent blog post by the New York Times's Public Editor: Straightforward answers to questions we shouldn't even have to ask: New York Times edition.

Finally, courtesy of my elder offspring, Friday Sprog Blogging: Interview with a Chloroplast..