February might be a short month, but like every month, it was packed with a healthy dose of dog studies and dog news. In case you were hibernating, working, catching up on a good book (or True Detective!), taking care of a sick loved one or just not reading dog news, here’s what you should check out:

Part 1. On Spot’s Terms

Spot’s Vision, Updated

-> What the dog really saw, Malcolm Campbell (@m_m_campbell)

-> Cats and dogs may see in ultraviolet, Tanya Lewis (@tanyalewis314)

What’s on Spot’s Mind?

Oodles of coverage of a new dog fMRI study out of Hungary.

-> How voice tickles the dog brain, Virginia Hughes (@virginiahughes)

-> Your dog can tell from your voice if you're happy or sad, Joseph Stromberg (@josephstromberg)

-> Yes, dogs know how we feel, Virginia Morell (@VirginiaMorell)

-> Dogs' brain scans reveal vocal responses, Rebecca Morelle (@rebeccamorelle)

-> Brain scans show striking similarities between dogs and humans, Brandon Keim (@9brandon)

-> Looking at dog brains, Jessica Hekman on Greg Berns fMRI research (@dogzombieblog)


Part 2. Spot’s Identity Crisis

Spot = Place for Nuts?

-> A squirrel attempts to hide a nut in the fur of a Bernese mountain dog (HT @mikel_maria of Cats and Squirrels for pointing this out)

Part-Wolf Spots Need Help

-> Scientific approaches to enriching the lives of sanctuary wolves and wolf-dog “hybrids”, Lindsay Mehrkam


Part 3. Our Relationship With Spot(s)

Quantity or Quality of Relationship With Spot?

-> Is caring for animals good for young people's social development? Zazie Todd (@CompAnimalPsych)

Spot and the Kids

-> The kids are alright, Linda Case (Facebook)

-> Dogs and babies: Not always cute, Moi (@doubelieveindog -- an oldie but relevant)

Spot’s Welcome Home-Wag Raises Questions

-> Dogs welcoming soldiers home, Karen London (@The_Bark)

Big Spot, Small Spot

-> Small dog privileges? Yes or no?, Patricia McConnell (Facebook)

Spot #2: Second-Dog Syndrome

->My dogs do sensitive work. Will my new one let me down? Cat Warren (@Cat_Warren)

Maybe Spot Shouldn’t Drink That

-> Making antifreeze less deadly for pets, and people, Deborah Blum (@deborahblum)


Part 4. Spot Would Really Like These Products

-> The Foobler: What it is and why you might want to get one, Sophia Yin (@SophiaYin and @Foobler)

-> Why all pregnant women with dogs need a treat & train: A vet behaviorist’s view, Sophia Yin (@SophiaYin)


Part 5. Competitive Spots

-> Why Olympic snowboard judging is better than Westminster Dog Show judging, Hal Herzog (@herzoghal)

-> Mutts take Manhattan, Alexandra Horowitz (Facebook)

And finally bunnies doing agility, because bunnies!

See you in March!

Photo: Sukanto Debnath via Flickr Creative Commons