As I expected, this set of links is a bit shorter than the last. Also, I just discussed my new year's resolution with Kedar, and it is to blog more often. Feel free to ping me on Twitter if you think I'm doing a bad job living up to this resolution. :)

The Evolutionary Errors of X-Men

Failed Flaxseed and Bad News Brownies

Mock Missive: World Association of Organic Chemists limits use of “organic”

The Revolutionary New Birth Control Method for Men

“Homophobia Is Apparently Associated With Homosexual Arousal”

Eating mussels can make your semen radioactive!

The mental burden of a lower-class background

Comparative Physiology Crystal Ball

The Treasures of Urine

Personal genomics: no longer just for white folks

Scientific Advances on Contraceptives for Men

Dolphin may sense the body electric

Out-Of-The-Blue Panic Attacks Aren't Without Warning: Body Sends Signals for Hour Before

Will Carrots Help You See Better? No, but Chocolate Might

Recovering from grad school

Circumcise or Don’t? Quandary for Parents

CT Scans of Baby Mammoths Reveal Ice Age Mystery

My Chemically Fueled Life

You Become as You Eat

How Probiotics May Save Your Life

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