Below are columns I’ve written for Scientific American on theories of and therapies for mental illness. Please let me know about missing stories, broken links or other problems. See also my books Mind-Body Problems and The Undiscovered Mind. –John Horgan

Psychiatry in Crisis!

Why We're Still Fighting over Freud

Why Freud Still Isn't Dead

Why Buddha Isn't Dead

Why B.F. Skinner, Like Freud, Isn’t Dead

Are Psychiatric Medications Making Us Sicker?

Psychiatrists Must Face Possibility That Medications Hurt More Than They Help

Return of Electro-cures Exposes Psychiatry’s Weakness

Why “Color Cures” for Mental Illness Endure

Are Antidepressants Just Placebos with Side Effects?

Did Antidepressant Play a Role in Navy Yard Massacre?

Psychiatrists, Instead of Being Embarrassed by Placebo Effect, Should Embrace It

RxISK Database Reports Side Effects, Including Violence, Unreported by Pharma Firms

Why Screening Teens for Mental Illness Is a Terrible Idea

What 60 Minutes Gets Wrong in Report on Mental Illness and Violence

Cybertherapy, placebos and the dodo effect: Why psychotherapies never get better

Bipolar Writer Comments on Debate Over “Crisis in Psychiatry

Programs for Troubled Vets Don’t Work, So How About Ending War?

Beware the Military-Psychological Complex

Neuroscientists Don’t Believe in Souls—But That Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Sell Theirs

Who Wants to be a Psychopath?

Cypher's Choice: Painful Reality or Pleasant Delusion?

Should Reality Make Us Glad or Sad?

Alcoholics Anonymous Ain’t Perfect, But At Least It’s Free

Kicking My Caffeine Addiction

A Former Java Junkie Ponders Coffee's Upside


Meta-Post: Posts on the Mind-Body Problem