Female Israeli sand cockroach (Heterogamodes hebraica). Left: ventral view; Right: dorsal view. Central Coastal Plain, Israel

Unless you live under a rock, you have likely seen the clean white natural history work of the Meet Your Neighbours project. And even if you do live under a rock, chances are one of the project's members has found you, removed you to a plastic stage, and snapped a photo.

Meet Your Neighbours is a consortium of naturalists working from a photographic standard of live organisms on simple light backgrounds. They're wildly successful. The group won the 2015 Environmental Impact award from the North American Nature Photography Association.

Among MYN's most knowledgeable contributors is Israeli photographer Gil Wizen, whose experience with lesser known and rarely seen microfauna translates to a uniquely quirky portfolio:

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Baby whipspider (Phrynus parvulus), 2nd instar fresh after molting, photographed in captivity.

Ocellated Skink (Chalcides ocellatus). Central Coastal Plain, Israel.

For more of Gil's MYN work: http://gilwizen.com/photography/meet-your-neighbours/, or visit his main website: http://gilwizen.com/