What sort of nature photographer lies down in front of an enraged bull elephant?

How about the little remote-control kind? Meet BeetleCam:

Wildlife photographers Will and Matt Burrard-Lucas modified an RC car by beefing up the motor to support a Canon 400D camera and flash units. An ingenious solution to the old safari nuisance of being eaten by lions and trampled by buffalo. It's not without its problems, though:

...we were buoyed with optimism and decided to make our second subjects lions. In hindsight this was a foolish idea; BeetleCam was promptly mauled, and carried off into the bush. A long recovery mission ensued and we were extremely lucky to retrieve an intact memory card from the mangled Canon 400D body.

Still, better a mangled camera than a mangled photographer. Check out the BeetleCam gallery, and the video teaser below.

For updates on the BeetleCam project, you can follow the Burrard-Lucas brothers on twitter (http://twitter.com/willbl) and facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BLphotography).