Today my Q and A was posted in the continuing series of new blogger profiles here at Sci Am. Go check it out!

As well, I was captured on film (although my last name was not quite captured in writing) in this story about mushroom hunting in Colorado in the New York Times. I'm the one in the hat holding the basket in the photo at top, and then you can see a nice photo of me holding up a mushroom like a diamond merchant at lower left. Oh, NYT, would it have killed you to check the spelling of my last name? I sent a correction but it must have been misfiled.

Though I wasn't interviewed for the story, I thought they did a pretty good job. I did, however, note that the journalist showed up in running shorts and tennies on the day we forayed at 10,000 or so feet in the Colorado backcountry. Definitely a New Yorker. : )