I accepted an invitation on behalf of the ever-fabulous Carin Bondar who blogs at PsiVid to attend the premiere for the Imagine Science Film Festival on Friday.. Carin is hosting my writeup, with a link to the full lineup of films that will be shown during the festival from Oct. 14 to Oct. 21:

The scene rivaled that of any swanky New York premiere: the venue was dimly lit, the bar packed, and conversation flowed freely. But the topics of the evening didn’t focus on celebrity scandals, business deals, or new hot spots. Instead, science and art dominated the conversation–a young woman in Tina Fey​ glasses sitting at a nearby table asked her companions, “What do you think about the news about Australopithecus sediba?” “We’ve been here before,” a somber bearded man man in the trio responded. He took another sip of his draft, “We’ll have to wait and see.” And really, what would you expect at the Imagine Science Film Festival?

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Carin and I will be providing joint coverage of the festival, so stay tuned.