Cleveland rocks. Or so the saying goes. I've been traveling for work this week, and have spent the last two and a half days in Cleveland, Ohio. It was my first visit, and it offered me a chance to do the things I love most: talk to people, see places through the eyes of others, and discover new things all on my own. I didn't have a lot of time, but I managed to learn a little bit about the places near my hotel. And while people were admittedly a little taken aback when the stranger sharing the bus shelter (it started to pour and the rain was freezing) started asking questions, they opened up and shared what they knew. It was clear that to some people, Cleveland did rock.

It reminded me of something very important: civic pride should never be underestimated. Every place has a story to tell. Every place is loved. When people settle somewhere and the place becomes steeped with their life stories and informs their collective histories, it has the power to woo you—if you're willing to listen.

Here's a look at Cleveland through my eyes:

Am I moving to Cleveland? Doubtful as my heart already belongs to a City, but every place has a story to tell. When you travel, no matter where, no matter the reason, don't be afraid to ask questions and allow yourself to see what makes that place home to others.

For more on these places, see the full album on the AiP Facebook page.