The other day I gave you a quick update on various projects and events, including the update on Science Studio - the multimedia version of Open Laboratory project. With eight days to go, our Kickstarter project is only $500 shy of the $5000 we need to get the podcasting project funded. As the response from the community was so strong, Rose, Ben and I thought we could do more - include video if we can crack $8000. Do you think we can do it? I bet we can, but we rely on you, and your ability and willingness to spread the word. Here is what Rose says:

Oh man, people, you are awesome. We're so close to our goal I can taste all the amazing audio we'll be bringing you. It kind of tastes like electricity.

But you know what, we've still got eight days left. And Ben, Bora and I want to make this the best thing we possibly can, so we've decided to up the ante a little bit. Right now, we're focusing on audio. And, like we said, there's a ton of that. But there's all sorts of other stuff out there too, video, animations, graphics, interactives, maps, the list goes on. We didn't think we'd be able to do it all, but if we get a little more of your help, we can chip away at that giant pile of amazing content.

So here's the challenge. If we can crack $8,000, we'll add video to the mix. That's right, from Minute Physics to TED Ed to Vsauce to Instant Egghead to Creature Cast to Vi Hart. We know you love video, and we love it too. Let's make this happen together, everybody.

What do you say? Are you up for the challenge? Let's play.