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Open Lab Reviews #1: USC and DSN

The first two reviews (that I’m aware of) of this year’s edition of Open Lab have surfaced! First, USC ran a fantastic story on Open Lab and on my experiences with science blogging more generally...

April 18, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman

Smithsonian Channel Women in Science Contest Winner

A couple weeks ago, I asked readers to offer up some science blogs written by women. I wrote: Throughout the month of March, The Smithsonian Channel aired all-new original programming, exploring the scientific contributions of five female scientists: Elisabeth Blackburn, JoGayle Howard, Nan Hauser, Elisabeth Kalko, and Gudrun Pflueger...

April 16, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman

Baby Animals at the LA Zoo

I’ve been a bit remiss in posting much this week, mostly because I had to prep a guest lecture (from which I just returned, and it was awesome thankyouverymuch) on the Domestication of Social Cognition...

April 14, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman

Octopuses and squids are damaged by noise pollution

Not only can squids and octopuses sense sound, but as it turns out, these and other so-called cephalopods might be harmed by growing noise pollution in our oceans—from sources such as offshore drilling, ship motors, sonar use and pile driving...

April 12, 2011 — Katherine Harmon

Too Hard for Science?: The sense of meaning in dreams

In dreams, could we discover where the mysterious feeling of revelation comes from? In "Too Hard for Science?" I interview scientists about ideas they would love to explore that they don't think could be investigated...

April 11, 2011 — Charles Q. Choi

Psychological Science on the Web

I’m working on putting together a resource sheet for various people (teachers, professors, graduate students, etc) that will help them find psychology-related resources on the web...

April 11, 2011 — Jason G. Goldman

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