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What is a `natural' sleep pattern?

Nothing too complicated today, but something you should all know (originally from March 13, 2006). I have mentioned this in my older post: in a natural state, humans do not sleep a long consecutive bout throughout the night (except in the middle of the summer in low latitudes)...

December 5, 2011 — Bora Zivkovic

#SciAmBlogs Friday - time capsule, hot peppers, exoplanets, scientific bartending, pink microscopes, and more.

NOTE: I will be officially on vacation next week. How much I will be capable of keeping myself away from the online world, including the blog network, remains to be seen.I will have a number of posts scheduled in advance (on the Guest Blog, SA Incubator, Network Central and A Blog Around The Clock) and will set up the Image of the Week and Video of the Week in advance, but am unlikely to do these evening link-fests next week, or post all the links to all the posts on Twitter, Facebook and G+...

STAFFDecember 2, 2011 — Bora Zivkovic

Why I Don't Dig Buddhism

I've been brooding over Buddhism lately, for several reasons. First, I read that Steve Jobs was a long-time dabbler in Buddhism and was even married in a Buddhist ceremony.

December 2, 2011 — John Horgan

Dipping with the Stars

Most systems in the body have a rhythm, a daily cycle. Interrupting that rhythm can have detrimental consequences. Shifting sleep cycles can alter mental status and increase errors that result in accidents...

December 2, 2011 — Pascale Lane

Why Do Some Like It Hot?

Ed Note: My SciAm colleagues Bora Zivkovic and Jason Goldman recently re-posted their excellent discussions on our mad affair with peppers. As Jason rightly notes, pepper—in the form of pepper spray—has been in the news much of late and people are horrified at its potential to hurt...

December 2, 2011 — Krystal D'Costa

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